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Conformable Boot Liner question

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I want to know if the foam that was injected into my new Conformable Brand Boot liners should have appeared and come out of the vent tubes at the toe of the boot.  I did obverve some foam coming out of some tubes but not all tubes.  Neither tongue vent  tube showed any foam at all.  This leads me to believe that the boot liner cavity did not properly fill all the way with foam.  I can only guess that perhaps the tubes were crimped or that somehow the foam was blocked.  Please help
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i would expect flow of foam from all exit pipes, how much depends on the volume of the foot in the shell but i would expect to see some
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I agree with CEM, there should be foam exiting all exhaust tubes for a complete job. 

There are several reasons for this to not occur.  Crimped tubes is one reason.  You didn't mention any brand/model details or your reason for foam.  Often in a plug boot situation there is not enough room nor is foam always required if the shell is correctly sized.  Shell manipulation is often required BEFORE foaming to allow the foam to flow correctly along both sides of the foot.  If there is any hard shell contact in the ankle area  the foam may not flow- a common error on the medial side with no ankle and navicular manipulation.  Old foam that does not react agressively is another common cause, it sets before it flows thoroughly and doesn't generate the gas for proper expansion.  Unless you have a narrow foot like a kangaroo, foam is never my first choice.  having said that I am a great believer in a foam tongue with a regular liner.  Great heel hold and lower buckle pressure on the lower.

talk it over with a good boot fitter.
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Let me go quickly in a direction Sandy started.  First let me say I don't do foaming other than for one national team member for the reasons that it is not typically necessary, and the gases are not healthy for my sensitve still breathing sytem.

That aside we have made great gains in comfort for one national team member with medial malleoli the size of russets but that is only after very aggressive work with his shells.  Without the stretching the foam liner would be useless.

If you or your tech are using foam as a way to make you comfortable yet not doing the necesssary shell work first then I would say the results won't be good and you are wasting your money.  Wasting it not because of the dollars spent on foaming that may not accomplish much but because you are missing the basic work that for much less dollars could accomplish much more.

To me liners may be the icing on the cake, never the cake.

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