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Ski Student's Nirvana

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Arrived in Utah on fri. Sat, skied at Snowbasin with Pierre, Tog, Jimmy D., Arcmeister, Si and Bob Peters.
I wanted all these super skiers, especially the pros, to ski off by themselves and enjoy.

But Pierre wanted to do some runs with me. We get to the top, and found ourselves in a complete fog, with minimal visibiliity. Pierre explained the importance of FEELING the terrain in these connditions. But even more important, was the idea of slowing down my turn iniation. Any abrupt movement in this {or any} situation would send me off into no man's land! I'm not going to give away the rest of Pierre's "teaching secrets", butt let me say, THIS GUY IS BRILLIANT!!! BTW, as technical as he is on the forum, his on hill cues are based on feeling and intuition. Pierre is a master of his craft. There are not enough superlatives to describe his teaching style. At one point, he told me that the top part of a trail I skied was black. Weird, since I was not feeling any fear.

For the rest of the day, different people would lead me down the 'hairy' parts of a trail, then they would go on too ski something harder. One of the high points of the day was following Si. What an amazing skier! At one point, he said "you look great!"
Thaat's because I waas trying to mimic him.

We all need to start a campaign to get Bob Peters too teach skiing. He actually taught me how to ski a short radius turn. ME, who has a short radius gene deficiency!

On Sunday, Mark and I went to Mecca, I mean Deer Valley.

Man, the pack of lies people make up about that place. There is infiniely more bogner at killingon than there is at Deer valley.
People are NOT snobish, its one of the friendliest resorts I've ever been to.

Well, I start skiing, and Mark says "where did those parallel carved turns come froM?"
I said "Pierre".
next post will be on the academy itself
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Sounds amazing!

Thanks for keeping the rest of us plugged in. Have another great day today.
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Truly aamazing! Another thing: At Deer Valley, Mark noticed I was picking the STEEPEST line, instead of my usual easy one. I think this is because it FELT similar to what we skied at Snowbasin. Talk about taking things out of your head and making them more intuitive!
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