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are you brave enough?

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I have a challenge for you and for me. Take your learning into your own hands. In spite of all our best efforts in unearthing the technical truth of this silly game of skiing, ain't nobody who really knows how somethin' feels, 'cept fer you.

For me: write a ski "tip" of 25 words or less. No a technical analysis. Just provide an image to try. Because a word can grow into a thousand pictures. But the pictures have to be of your own creation. I can never know how your pictures look or make you feel. We are ski instructors, not Star Trek characters. No Vulcan Mind Melds here!

For you: if you dare.... agree, disagree, all OK. Just try it. Because everything we try, works.

Then let's hear about the RESULTS.

Who's up for some fun?

February 2, 2002

"See with your feet."

4 words.

GULP! I'm a little nervous about this post... what if I get laughed outta town?? Here goes...click! Have fun skiing!

: :
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Welcome to EpicSki, ICYou!

Good post--I'll bite--here's a "tip" tip:

"Right tip right to GO right; Left tip left to GO left."

Best regards,
Bob Barnes

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Slowly clench your butt (ladies: do a nice long Kegel) through the turn to keep your hips moving forward.
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How 'bout this? ONE WORD.

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Welcome ICU. Nice thread. Might have to post 1000 times!!

Here goes:
Smile, relax, look up. You run into the nicest people while skiing!
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A single focus tip in 27 words or less:

Think of the outside ski of the turn you're ending as a skilled snowboarder's board rolling off one (what's your inside) edge to go onto the other.
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And my rip-off restatement of Bob Barnes's key philosophy:

Nothing goes right when I turn left.
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Keep yur skis side be each and point-em that way to ski parallel eh. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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OK, not really a "skiing" tip, more a gear one:

A proper fitting pair of boots will make a bigger difference to your skiing than any other piece of equipment.

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Ya points ya toes where ya wants ta goes.

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Press your ankles against the right side of both boots when going right, and the left side when going left.
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Be quiet and ready in the upper body like a cat ready to pounce while your feet move side to side under your body through each turn.
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"Always forward" (that's where I move, that's where my skis go)
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It's a down hill sport, "Move down the Hill"
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Look where you want to go, you will go where you are looking.
Across the hill, straight down the hill, into a tree, the open space beside the tree.
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Get your skis away from your body when carving a turn.
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First, go left...Then go right... And repeat when necessary.
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Don't forget to breathe.

Skiing is easy once you allow it to be easy.
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Turn to go faster, you will go faster anyway. Stay in the turn until you want to go faster.

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Run a giant slalom course! -- makes you carve without thinking about it...

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Relax and Breathe at all times. Don't fight.
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Do with your feet what you want your skis to do. Roll'm, bend'm, grin when it feels good.

Be the skis, nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn........


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edited for double post

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Speed is your friend and when in trouble do a double.
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Wiggle your toes.

Show the soles of your feet to either side of the run.
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Bend the ski not your boot
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for the old schoolers out there.
DOWN = flex
UP = extend
AROUND = ski around pole plant
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Big toe, little toe
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Look between the trees.
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Stand over the center of your foot. Pressure the entire ski. You paid for all of it, use all of it.
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