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Atomic's Women's Skis & Bindings

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Needed: 1) Atomic binding spec info, 2) tester's input on Cloud series.

I'm currently deliberating between 156cm Atomic Cloud 7s and Cloud 9s for my wife.

Her skier info:
5' 9" 127lbs, fit, athletic, but *conservative* intermediate looking to improve skills and confidence on groomed blacks.
Skiing: typically 1 week+ of CO or UT, another 7+ days of VT, plus (ideally) a week in Tahoe.

I've read that the Cloud 7s are supposed to be all-arounders that will grow with improving intermediates, while the Cloud 9 has been described as more of a short-turn / hard-snow biased ski for women with more advanced carving skills.
Comparative feedback from those who've put in time on both skis (especially those ~not~ living from Atomic's advertisement money) would be much appreciated ;~>

On a more technical note: the 2009 versions of these skis came with the Atomic 4TIX 310 bindings, while the 2010 include the XTL9 binding.  Aside from the DIN range difference, does anyone know if there is a significant difference in weight or functionality between these models?
I've been off the gear market for a while, but 4TIX reminds me a lot of the old ESS binding design, while the XTL looks Salomon based.
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 Bump for Atomic Help.
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Just happened on this post, you've probably bought something already but here's my reply--buy the Cloud 7's and save a couple hundred dollars, unless you are into status and want to buy more expensive skis.  I have the Cloud 7's and they are the best skis I've ever used in 20-plus years of skiing.  I'm an advanced intermediate, the Cloud 7's can handle it all, powder snow, ice, fast, slow, short turns, long turns, your wife won't outgrow them.  As far as the XTL bindings, they are probably made by Salomon-- Atomic and Salomon are owned by the same parent company. The Cloud 7's (in 2010) had a great write-up in Ski Magazine, their testers said "why would you pay more?"  Either way with Atomic you won't go wrong, but you'll have more money to spend on lift tickets with the Cloud 7's.  The shops around here sell out these out early.

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