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Blizzard magnum 8.1 vs Head monster im 78

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Hi there!!
Although I'm plagued with indecisiveness, I think Ive narrowed my purchasing possibilities down to two skis for the upcoming season. They are the monster head im78's and the magnum 8.1's. Can anyone give me a comparison between the two. Ive searched the site, but can't find a back to back write up. Any info would be much appreciated.
-As for me, I'm 6'1 220#'s and am an advanced skier who is comfortable pretty much everywhere. I'm 34 and I've been skiing since i was around 7 and did some racing in high school. I like to ski fast and will be concentrating on improving my bump skills this year. I ski mostly at Ajax and Aspen Highlands, but will probably do some short trips to Telluride and Steamboat. I usually get out about 5 days a week and have an awesome job in the industry which permits such activity.
The season starts in 5 DAYS!!! and will try to demo them then, but the im78's are now peaks (i don't think they've changed at all) and the blizzards are gonna be tough to find up here. Anyway, thanks in advance for any insight!!!
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I have owned both (the 2010 models) as we sell both Head and Blizzard.  The Head seems a bit more smooth and damp, the Blizzi a little more lively and snappy. The 8.1 is definitely stiffer in flex, but edgehold is similar on both skis. The 78 has the edge in versatility: it has a bit softer profile which makes it a very good bump and crud ski. The 8.1, being stiffer, is more of a clanger in bumps.  Not terrible, but not the best.  As far as stability, the 171 Peak 78 isn't quite as stable as the 8.1 in 172, but close.  Since the Peak 78 is softer, you can ski it longer though (I am 5 foot 9, and have a pair in 177cm. I ski the 8.1 in 172cm).  So, that puts a much more stable, GS feel on the Peak 78, with a big sweet spot.  Again, the 8.1 feels more power carver than 50/50 ski (it has that wide race ski feel that was made popular by the AC40), whereas the Peak 78 is closer to that 50/50 do-it-all feel.   Really, it is about the same feel as last year's Monster 88, just narrower and with a bit more sidecut.  I love both, and if I primarily skied groomers, would pick the 8.1 Max.  If I wanted more of a mid-width versatile tool for everything, the Peak 78 gets the nod.  The 177cm Peak 78 is more stable in crud (due to extra length), no question, and a great tool for groomers. It just doesn't have the "zoom" pop entrance and exit out of a high-angle carve that the 8.1 has. But, Heads always feel like that: they are more damp and very stable, rather than lively like Blizzard or Elan.
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Thanks Dawg. A great description on both accounts-
I think I'm game for the im78 as I want something that is a bit more versatile and playful in bumps. I was leaning in that direction and I think you've just solidified my decision. Do you have/know of any deals on last years 78 in a 183?
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 If you are looking for a leftover, I woudn't dismiss a Monster 82 in a 177 another nice ski...if you can find one. 
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