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Looking to buy new skis

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Hi all, I am currently in looking to buy new skis for this years season, as my current pair is around six years old.  I'm an advanced skier, been skiing since 4 and am currently 18, I have skied all the Park City Resorts along with Alberta and Whistler.  I'm looking to get a type of twin tip ski, since it seems the new technology, I haven't ridden them before, those of you who have, do you like them?  So anyway, I want a pair that would be good for back country powder riding, along with normal hard packed snow and moguls, basically a ski that will work with any snow condition, i'm not looking for only a powder ski.  I'm about 5'6 and 130 lbs for specs.  Anyone have any suggestions of a ski model, doesn't have to be the newest model, just a quality pair of skis.  Thanks in advance.
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You're looking for a one ski quiver that does everything well...  Forget it, it doesn't exist.  Every ski does something well and something not so good and skis that profess to do everything well usually do nothing well.  That being said, their are a lot of skis on the market that may fit your wide requirements.  Since I travel with my skis, a ski that is versatile is most important to me.  For that reason, the last two seasons I'm on the Volkl Mantra.  Other great versatile boards are the Volkl Bridge, Line 90 or 100, and some of the K2 lines.  Check out Ski or Skiing Mag gear guides and look for the skis in the 70 off piste ~ 30 on piste category.  Those will give you the widest range of conditions for the west.  Good Luck!
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An all mountain twin tip should fit your one ski needs. Some twin tips have enough width under foot to help with on /off trail skiing and not much side cut to zip down the bumps. Some versatile recommendations:
Elan 777 or 888
Dynastar 6th sense distorter.

Good Luck
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I am 5 10 and 150lb and skied my Line Prophet 100s (172cm) on 2 trips last year. I took them on a Salt Lake City trip and loved them in the powder and they were great carvers for the width.
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Thanks everyone, I think I will go with getting the Prophets, reviews seem awesome on them.  I'll just decide on the 90's or 100's.  So I may be asking about some good bindings to go with them soon.  Thanks again.
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