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Slovenia! Suggestions, Comments, Answers?

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So I've managed to talk the lady into a honeymoon skiing in Slovenia and Eastern Italy.  So the tickets are bought to get us at least to Venice and the rental car is booked.  I've searched the forums and I haven't seen much as fast as suggestions on where to go.  So a few questions; 

I have Bovec/Sella Nevea and Kranska Gora on the list unless someone says otherwise.  What other hills should I not miss?  

Delta lets me take my skis & boots as one checked item.  Is it worth it?  This would mean I'd have to figure out how to get my clothes and other stuff into one carry-on or wear them on the trip over.  I'm tempted to take just my boots and rent skis while I'm there.  

Any other helpful hints would be great.  Pics for clicks:
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 Don't plan to go anywhere that is less than 2000m above sea level. Winters are quite unpredictable in Europe lately. Last winter was really good, you could go anywhere and had great skiing... A winter before was poor... I went to Slovakia, Jasna in the end of February - lack of snow even on groomers with snowmaking . Can't ski woods that are below 1500m... 

As for this winter... Don't know... Here, in Latvia we had up to -8°C about 3 weeks ago... Now it is +8 and I don't even know when it will go below 0°C...
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This is something I wrote a while ago on different forum, so I hope you don't mind, if I will just copy and paste :)

There are quite few resorts, even though none can compare to big Austrian, Swiss or French resorts. Prices are quite low compared to Austrian, for example day ticket on bigger resorts (Kranjska Gora, Krvavec, Rogla, Maribor) is around 25eur. As far as skiing goes, I would suggest any of bigger resorts except for Maribor. Sure it's nice city, there's also great surrounding, but ski resorts is everything but great... even if they have women WC every year. Next to that, it's really low, so with a bit of "luck" you might be without snow.
Rogla is really great place, with hotel on top, and spa on bottom. Both hotels (on top at ski resort, and spa and hotel under Rogla) are owned by same company, so you can actually go down on afternoon... of course if spa is something you would like. But "bad" thing with Rogla is, that it's quite far from Ljubljana and airport, and it's quite isolated.
Next one is Krvavec. It's just about 20km from Ljubljana, 5km from airport (and 10km from my home Smile ). But it's really just skiing place nothing else. There are lifts on top of hill, and there's nothing else. There is few B&B in villages under Krvavec, but you can forget about any apres ski there.
And last one is Kranjska Gora. This would actually be my choice. It's about 60km from airport (another 15km to Ljubljana), 30km from Bled, 60km from Bohinj (if you would want to go for some sightseeing). Skiing place ranges from easy slopes for beginners to WC course where men WC (GS and SL) is hosted every year. You can get anything from hotels to simple B&B. On top of that, there's around 50km of (normally) well prepared xc skiing track going from Kranjska Gora all the way through Planica (just under biggest ski jumping hill on World) to valley of Tamar, which is one of nicest places on nice sunny winter day. And what is best, if you get sick of skiing in Kranjska Gora, you have few resorts in Austria (Dreilandereck is just over hill, so you are there in 10km, Bad Kleinkircheim is about 50km away, Gerlitzen even closer, and Nassfeld, my favorite ski place ever, is around 50 or 60km away), and in Italy (Tarvisio is just 10-15km off).
Next to these, you have whole bunch of smaller resorts, but I guess for week or 2 of holidays, they are not really best solution.
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 Thanks for all the suggestions. I'd like to try Kanin, just for the fact that it goes over to Italy on the back side.  I'm really up for some challenging skiing and since I won't have beginners travelling with me.  Since I have a car and a little over 2 weeks, I'm willing to drive to where I need to go.  

Also any clean, inexpensive, hotels you can suggest would be awesome too.  Thanks! 
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Have you skied at Vogel, near the shore of Lake Bohinj?  My wife and I rode up their new aerial tram in the fall of 2006 and the place looked incredibly cool.  The tram just goes straight up out of the lake valley to an elevated ski resort about 1000 meters above the lake.  We hiked around the ski area and loved it.  I'll post some photos, but it will be about a week before I have access to the photos I took.

Wookee, my wife and I stayed in Kranjska Gora for a few days and hiked around the ski resort.  It looked like fun, although I would probably look at it more as a combination of cultural experience and ski vacation.  Slovenia is a wonderful country with incredibly warm and open people.  Food was great, the scenery of the Julian Alps was AMAZING, and it was super easy to get around the countryside.

We absolutely loved the place and want to go back for a ski vacation.
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To be honest, I haven't been skiing in Kanin, even if it's pretty close. So I can't say much about this.
On the other side I have been skiing on Vogel few times, but it was few years ago. Since then, they changed few, 30+ years old lifts with new ones. But they depend on natural snow only, so there's no guarantee there will be any skiing. Otherwise place looks really beautiful when you are there in middle of winter. Skiing on the other side is not really all that great for me. There's few easy runs, and one long harder one, which comes all the way down to bottom station of gondola. This means, it ends around 600m above sea level, so you can imagine how it can be, when there's no man made snow.
But if you are into snow park and such sort of things, Vogel snow park is by far the best snowpark in Slovenia. Unfortunatelly that's not my sort of skiing, so I'm not all to keen to hang around places like this :)
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Given the horrific £/euro exchange rate I've thought about Slovenia but I'm not sure it's cheap enough to justify the step down in skiing/snowsureness.

I'll prob visit in the summer sometime instead.
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Hi everyone  -



I just wanted to wake this thread up.


I'll be doing a few weeks in Slovenia/Eastern Italy this winter. Just an off the cuff thing.


Any resorts I should definitely see, any places to steer clear of?

(Crime, bad roads, etc)


Car rental or public transportation (spoiled from Germany!)?

International drivers license needed or U.S. license ok?

Vignettes to drive on the roads? Any toll roads to avoid?


Any updates on resorts, exchange rate, (good or bad), etc?


I usually wait until I arrive in the country to exchange currency, but I'm tired of the lines and limits at the banks.

Is it better to change currency in the US and pay the extortion?

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I don't really know anything about the resorts in Slovenia, but I do know that they have switched to the euro, so that's the exchange rate you should be checking. Driving license requirements should be the same as for the rest of the EU.

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Never actually been myself but I understand Slovenia is pretty similar to Austria in many respects. Ski hills may not be as steep or areas as extensive as neighbours to the west but I don't think there is anything specific I'd worry about. 

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