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Fatality at Breckenridge

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Just heard it on the radio.  It occurred today, a 14 year old girl from Colorado Springs.  She was wearing a helmet, and was on an intermediate trail, but they had no other details.  Anyone know what happened?

This time of season, with the limited terrain, and high traffic, I have a guess. 
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 groomed intermedaite trails are the most dangerous places on the mountain. Limited skill can let you go much faster and then you lose control 30 mph can take you in the tree really quickly.

vibes to the family
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As a parent of 4 active skiers, my thoughts and prayers are with the family.
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I was there this AM. The crowds weren't too bad as both Rocky Mountain and Colorado chairs were open. The terrain park features that are open require skiing down the only Green that is open and clearly marked a slow skiing zone. Not a good combination for safe skiing.
Its always sad when this happens. 14 is so young.

Condolences to the family.
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