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WTB Atomic Race Bindings

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I need a pair of Atomic race bindings to fit a pair of Atomic slalom skis. The plates accept Atomic racing bindings or Sx bindings I believe. They need not be the higher range racing bindings since they are for my wife who does not need a high DIN setting.
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I have a pair of atomic race CarvXchargers 310 bindings they were replacements from the factory recall.  I think that they are the 2004 model .  the bindings are currently mounted on a pair of Atomic betaRide 10.20 but I would be willing to take them off if you are interested. I only used them for one season.  Please let me know if you are intersted.   I also live in NH and could meet you.
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Thanks but I've now got a nice pair of Race 614s thanks to A-Man.
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