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Banff - Sunshine Card

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In years past always ordered online and had shipped right to my door in NY via USPS.
Now the online "shoppe" wont take any orders from Non-Western Canadian residents. Tried calling the order in to no avail? Any help or suggestions appreciated.
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It was only supposed to be for Western Canadian residents in the past, but i don't think anybody cared too much.

A common solution was to have a friend buy the card for you. I don't think Sunshine ID'ed the cardholders in the past, but now that they are making it more difficult to purchase the card out of area, they may actually ID users. I know Kicking Horse will ID holders of their discount card.

So finding an Albertan to purchase the card for you might work, but there is a chance that you will not be able to use the card.
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I've never been ID'ed using the Sunshine marmot card.  Most of the time i use the automated tellers anyways, way faster.  I'm sure there is someone on here from Alberta that will do it for you.
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Why not just buy it when you get here?  Drop by any Sport Chek store (or any of the others that sell Sunshine Cards) on your way out of town from the airport.  Retailers don't care where you're from.
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 It is only on sale in the early season.
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