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Mantra Sizing Help 170 vs. 177

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Looking for help on Mantra Sizing. I am 5'9", 175# and ski at a 7 level. Ski Baker, Whistler, Snowbird and Park City mostly. Currently in K2 Outlaw 178 and Rossi B3 176. Love the B3, hate the Outlaw is it just feels big and heavy with no life.

Ski 50% with family through trees, finding jumps for kids and on piste. Other 50% is steeps and powder at Snowbird, Whistler etc.

Looking at getting into Mantra 170 or 177?

Any input appreciated.

Also considering prophet 100 if anyone has any comparative info.
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I'm 5'8" 170 lbs,have been called a level 8 or 9 skier and ski mostly in Tahoe & Big Sky, so we're close.  I ski the Mantra in 170 because I wanted it a little quicker turning and a more versatile ski for trees & bumps.  If I were to use it for just powder & steeps only I would have bought the 177 (or maybe the Goat).  The question you need to ask yourself is what is more important.  With the 170 you'll sacrifice a little in the powder but you'll make up for it with versatility.  The Mantra is a funny ski, you have skiers who swear by it and you'll hear skiers who hate it.  Talking to shops in Tahoe they tell me it really does have a cult following.  Personally I think it's one of the best one ski quiver ski available and it skis like.... a Volkl...

Haven't skied the Prophet 100 but heard a lot of good things. 
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Concur w/Bob.  Priorities, alot of trees 170, more wide open terrain 177..  At your size either will work just fine, but if your in tight trees alot that extra quickness should be noticable..  I'm about your size, a little bigger and I would go for a 177, but I don't ususally ski alot of tight trees..  Happy Hunting..
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Another vote for the 177.
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you'd kinda have to give an idea of your strength, because that's what determines whether you can handle the 177,
so that's for you to decide.  

I like a ski to have no limit, and I don't mean at the high speed end, but at the tight end: trees, chutes, rocks.
since you are able to go either size, I would say that the only upside to the longer ski is high end speed, edge hold on steep firm snow, and that's about it.
It's a strong ski so the 170 will kick butt, and you'll be condident if you get into a tight spot, you're good.
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Volkls tend to measure shorter than their stated length; K2's longer so the 177 Mantra will likely look much shorter than the 178 Outlaw if you compare them base to base.  I agree with your comment about the Outlaw feeling dead as well as the comment about the mantra being a strong ski but I would still go 177 if you go that ski.  I had the mantra in the quiver for a season and found it to be stiffer than it needed to be (at least longitude wise) for all mountain use.  I've skied the prophet 100 a few times and actually owned the 90; I found both the prophets to be more versatile and more forgiving on those days where you didn't bring your "A" game yet they really didn't give up anything to the mantra when you charged.

We all have the habit of throwing ski suggestions at people on these threads; me included so let me add to your choices. I liked the Volkl Bridge and the 4frnt MSP way more than the Mantra.  The MSP doesn't really size well for your stated preference but I know the Bridge can be had for less than $400 for last years'; go 177 in that one because of the twin.  For out west I think its a better choice than the Mantra.  Hope that helps.
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177 is still short enough to haul ass through tree's.  You also want the extra float with the 177.
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I'm 5'10", 170 lbs and have the Mantra in 177. I would think the 170 would be too short for you. 

A solid ski, but the tips do dive in the deeper snow.
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Here's Volkl's video on simple recommendations on ski sizing.

With the twin tip, won't the Mantra ski a little shorter?
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 Dude, that's the Jr Mantra! Nothing like the "adult" version.
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Seattle_sun:  I'm surprised how many people mistake my Mantra for a twin tip just because it looks like one.  For the record, the tail on the Mantra is a slight twin but not curled up enough to be classified as a park twin tip. 
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 The Gotomas I hacked the tail off of look like mantras now
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were those the early model Goats, black with the buddha? they had an abrubt tail, like the Bloweres which everyone was sawing off, JT among others a few years ago.

I like it because it's so sacriligious
Originally Posted by tetonpwdrjunkie View Post

 The Gotomas I hacked the tail off of look like mantras now
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 They were indeed the black ones with the Buddha.  The tail was ugly and in my way!
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Hey a bit late to the game here, not sure whether you've already made a move on the ski. i own the mantra and the gotama in the 183/4 size. i'm 5 10 and 150, ski to about an 8/9(Colorado/Utah/Idaho).

i love the mantra, it's a great one-ski quiver. however i would tell you that if this is your one ski for the areas you typically ski at, you might be happier with the Line prophet, it is not quite as stiff, rails the groomers almost as well as the Mantra, and is a better powder ski for when there's more than 6 inches or so.

having said that, i live in Colorado where unfortunately most of our "dumps" are 2-8 inches (at least the front range resorts) and the mantra just hammers that type of conditions, particularly a day or two after that snow. not the most nimble ski in the trees (particularly at a 184 length) but cannot be stopped making GS turns in the crud/light pow.

either way if you get the Mantra don't even think about the 170, the tips will dive on you and you'll regret it....
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