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 I had my old Columbus SL Pinarello cold set from 126 to 130mm. It can actually be done at home, but for $50 I had a frame builder do it and check the complete alignment at the same time. It's now within a fraction of a mm- money well spent, at least for the peace of mind. It is now built up with 10 speed Record.Pinarello Record

Classic dp.  Nice!

IIRC, did I see this pic posted in Bike or Roadbikereview Forums?   

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Hi Don- yes, on Bikeforums. I figured that the DonDenver there must be the same one as over here! I just bought something new to complement it: a Pinarello Paris, to be built with Campy SR. I have been drooling over one at the Denver Spoke for a year, and finally talked my wife into letting me splurge. It is a completely frivolous and needless extravagance, but I couldn't give up on the idea. Now I will have 2 Pinarellos, 25 years apart in age yet equally elegant. I can tell her that at least I have fewer bikes than skis!!
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