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Who's Still Riding?

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Here I am at work, glancing out the window and I see broken snow from our last storm.  It's 55 degrees, and I brought my bike to work.  Going to get a ride at noon.  And since nothing really has happened in the mountains this past week, my buddy has pretty much convinced me to ride tomorrow and ski Sunday.

That'll add 70'ish miles to the total for the year, and leave a bit less than 200 to make 4,000.

So, who is still riding?  And how long you intend to do so?

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I was MTB right up until a couple weekends ago, when I started skinning/skiing.  It has been raining here pretty much nonstop since the beginning of November, which has translated to a ridiculous snowpack in the mountains. 
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I'm currently southwest of most on here, southeast of a few, so am cheating.  MTB, skatepark and the local round the block circuit, though there's snow up high here too.
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 I ve been MTBing 3ish nights a week and the weekends. My last day riding will most likely be Thanksgiving.

The trails have been dry and fast.
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There's never an off-season for cycling here in the greater DC area.  We don't get that much of a winter around here, precipitation wise, so the roads and trails are almost always in good shape.  So I ride - such is life, could be far, far worse.
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It's a little ridiculous how warm it is here in NYC. This weekend is supposed to be another one in the mid-50s, mostly sunny. I just have to decide whether I want to boulder or whether I want to ride! I can always ride *to* the boulder, I suppose

I'll be riding as long as I can, and I'll still occasionally commute in the real winter weather, as well. Unfortunately, I just don't get enough days on the snow to justify not riding for a significant amount of time.
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Tomatoes and basil still going!
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Still riding here on the weekends....tomorrow looks good as well!
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I took a short ride today
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Forecast for tomorrow is 54 at 11, high of 56.  I should be able to knock 55 off pretty easily to get me within 200 to reach 4k for the year.

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Originally Posted by BushwackerinPA View Post

 I ve been MTBing 3ish nights a week and the weekends. My last day riding will most likely be Thanksgiving.

The trails have been dry and fast.
Same here. 15 miles on road tonight.
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this is my favorite time of the yeaar to ride!  riding tomorow AM with a friend who's a serious roadie, I'm taking her off road this time! Should be fun. She hasn't ridden mtn in a few years
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Riding at night with lights is a blast.  Will keep riding until the snow gets here.
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Riding at least 3 - 4 times a week through a combination of night rides and lunch time rides hitting the trails outside my door (I work out of home).  For the past few months, I've been racing cyclocross on the weekends.

Winter is just barely starting in Tahoe, but since I live in the foothills, even when my weekends switch over to skiing, I will still ride 3 - 4 times during the week.

And a Wednesday night cyclocross racing series that stretches into February is starting up in my town this week.   Pretty stoked about that!
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I was out the past 4 of 5 days. I don't have to be to work until 11:00 AM so I can go out in the morning, although it's hard to get motivated when there's frost on the lawn. I plan on keeping going 'til we get snow and at some point I'll spring for lights.
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Despite the warm weather, I yesterday closed up my Liguria seaside home where the bikes live (Milan's not  a city for sport cycling). Took my last road ride Saturday -- fall colors were striking the higher I went, full blown yellows and reds around 700 meters -- and cleaned and stored the bikes in the garage. Lifts supposedly start running Friday.
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Still riding here around Toronto. We had our last mountain bike race of the season yesterday. Trail conditions were absolutely amazing, so we had a blast (last year we did the same race on snow). Unless temps drop, we have no way of getting a ski season going here.
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I ride everyday I'm at home, year round.  I miss a couple of day a year if it snow's more than 6". But as soon as the snowmobiles comes through and pack it out, I ride the track. 
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I'm at 265 miles so far this November. Its been mild in Chicago, everyday this month has been warmer & dryer than the averages.

Friday was 55F under sunny skies. I'll ride as long as the roads are 99.9999% ice free and temps are at 20f or above.

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Ever since I put a set of Schwalbe Ice Spiker tires on my mtb, I ride all winter long.  A lake near my house gets maintained all winter as a skating oval, and the Schwalbes allow me to ride on smooth ice and take corners at speed.... it's impossible to wipe the big grin off my face.
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i ride all 4 seasons... its totally possible here in NJ, especially with the past few winters. here's a favorite local spot in its winter mood - the sourlands in NJ.  the winter makes it a little easier to ride here.  its really rocky, so the snow fills in the gaps in some of the rock gardens.  and frozen trails usually have great traction. 

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Year round riding for me also.

In winter time, I switch to mostly mountain bike. Less wind.

Still, there're often days that goes above 50. That's about as warm as a cool summer day! It'd be a shame to waste it without bringing the bike out for a quick spin. It just feels so good...
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Rode in Moab in shorts on Thanksgiving day.  Going for a dirt ride in Durango today, but the high is only going to be around 40 degrees.  We are fortunate because we can drive an hour south to New Mexico and ride all winter.
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I logged over 100 miles over the weekend. My first day on snow will be Saturday, so that will mark the first time I have gone seamlessly from skiing to cycling in the spring and then immediately from cycling to skiing in the fall.
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Did a two hour dirt road ride on the cross bike yesterday.  It was around 50. Probably skip it today, it's currently 15 and there's a couple inches of snow on the roads.
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Short days now = lots of night rides.
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I rode about 10 miles at 6am this morning, 1/2 with the lights.  2-3 inches of new snow over chunky frozen horse trails.  Still better than a gym IMHO.  
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Crunchy frozen dirt = yum.
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Originally Posted by CTKook View Post

Crunchy frozen dirt = yum.

Yeah, not always my favorite.  Yesterday was was almost unrideable slush and I thought today would really suck after it froze hard.  Luckily some snowmobiles come trough when it was still soft and packed it down perfectly.   Colder than hell though, -1f with winds about 20.
You just never know, until you go!
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I rode 20 km yesterday in -31 weather.  THAT was a real 'weenie shrinker'.
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