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Begginer Question, Specific Ski Choice

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This question is below the level of most of the discussions I have read on here but after many an hour surfing the internet to no avail I'm hoping someone here might be able to help me out.

I'll go with the question first and then the background.  A co-worker gave me some Carver Plus 191 skis.  I'm trying to decide if I should use them or keep another pair I just bought

Quick background -I am 27 and first skied three years ago. I'm a big guy at 6'2, 275.   I have gone about 10 times and would like to go about 3-4 times a year.  So far I have stuck to mainly greens and a blue here and there.  I would like to move into blues but don't really see myself moving to blacks anytime soon. At this point I ski somewhat slow often with a lot of  crossing back and forth across the mountain -I apologize if I have ever cut in front of any of you, I try to watch where I am going =).  I don't really snow plow or anything but I'm definitely not carving.

I live in Colorado and recently decided that I wanted to buy some equipment as renting was getting a bit annoying (though it was probably a good bet fiscally).  I went to a big ski expo and purchased some decent boots (Tecnica Vento) and some entry level skis.  They are 07-08 Atomic Twins 173.  Basic entry level freestyle twin tip ski's.  I was happy with the purchase and figured they fit my needs for now.

But then a co-worker gave me his old Carver Plus 191 skis.  I have another 20 days to return the Atomic skis and bindings and save myself $250.  I would love to save the money but I am worried the carvers may be to advanced for me.  They seem a bit long, though I am a big guy, and they seem tailored more to downhill, high speed, than to my ski style. 

So, Any Advice?  I really appreciate any help that you can give, I have tried to research it on my own and I just don't have the knowledge to figure it all out.
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as432; keep the Atomic.  Although the 173 may be short for your height & weight, you are a beginner and it should be a good ski to start our with, especially since you live in CO.
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Gotta agree with bob4snow. You're gonna have much more fun and progress faster on the Twins. They'll span from park, to groomers (as long as you don't go mach schnell) to fresh inches, crud and a bit of side country. You may want to trade 'em up or supplement them in a couple of seasons - hey that's the nature of the sport, but I'd definitely go for them over the older Völkls right now.

I'd be worried about what bindings are on those Carver Plus's. Typical images I pulled up show older Markers like the M5.1 SCs - check out the exploding plastic bindings in this thread.:

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Thanks for the replies.  Yeah, the bindings are Marker 41 SC's.  I am not even sure they could be adjusted to fit my boots, plus I don't think they are on the indemnified list, something I am just learning about, so I'm not sure I could get them adjusted.
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As a beginner / early intermediate you don't want to be on 191cm Carvers.
Stick with the Atomics you bought. 

The Marker 41's were on the last indemnification list I saw, but I haven't seen this year's list yet.  They can probably be adjusted to your boots, but I wouldn't bother.

BTW, if you go 4 times at ~$75 a shot that's $300 in lift tickets.  For not much more you can get an Epic pass and ski as much as you have time for.
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