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Advice on new skis

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Forum newbie here...very impressed by the advice offered in the threads I've been reading, so I'm hoping some of you will be able to spare some time to help me out with my hunt for new boards.

I'm 33 yrs old, female, 5'4" and 120lbs. Avid skier limited for many years by lack of cash and serious knee problems. Fortunately I moved out to Canada and now have Whistler Blackcomb just up the road, and managed to ski 20 days last season - a personal best. My progress has been hindered by the lack of regular snow time, but last season my ability came on in leaps and bounds. I'd say I'm a solid advanced skier now, and looking to keep up the progress this year. Very comfortable on blacks, gaining confidence on double-blacks, happiest off-piste (big bowls, glades) but still like to rip a few groomers during a day on the mountain. My knees still hinder me a bit in larger and harder bumps, which I suspect will always be the case. Last season I also spent some time in the terrain park building my confidence in the air - need lots more practice this year!

I'm currently skiing on 2008 K2 Silencers (159cm), which were the most versatile ski I could get a relatively low price point last time I went shopping. They're a really fun ski, pretty good all over the mountain although they don't have a whole lot of float in powder and I have to work really hard to stop them getting deflected in crud. I'm now in a position where I can afford - and need - something better. I'm looking for a really good all-mountain ski that I can grow with as I (hopefully) keep making the kind of progress I did last season. I'd like something with good float for powder, able to make tighter turns in the trees, capable of cutting through crud and comfortable on groomers. I'm very tempted by the Prior Doughboys but it's hard to find reviews. I also really like the look of the Volkl Mantra, but at my height and weight I'm worried that they would be unwieldy. I've only skied up to a 165 before; would 170s be on the long side?

Think that's enough from me for now...all advice welcomed!
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we can't let a compliment just hang in the air. we jump in and give our collective opinion.

tramdock these days has a ton of women specific skis at the high performance end, Dynastar Exclusive Legends in a couple models (widths), Rossi B-Squad Women, for all mountain powder capable skis. some of them may be languishing in Backcountry outlet.

The knee thing is a contradiction for your goals, sort of. It suggests a forgiving (soft) ski, but that won't up your game, your stated intent. Get a strong ski in a short length. takes care of the knee thing with minimal downside.

The Mantra in a `70 is too much ski. no need. Volkl makes a women's Mantra, the Aura I think. shorter lengths, about 40 per cent softer (I tuned some for a friend), and Mantra comes in something shorter I think.

Anyhow, there's a start to your research. However, we won't settle for putting you into anything less than a three model quiver around here
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Three-ski quiver sounds good to me! 

I'm hoping the knee issue won't get in the way of my goals - it's certainly a problem, but my physio and I are working to try and counter it. Last season gave me hope that it's not going to hold me back as much as it has done in the past (mostly thanks to new braces.)

I like the look of the Aura - I might try and demo those on my next trip up to Whistler. Thanks for the Tramdock tip, as well - I hadn't checked them out before. I'll check them out for the Rossis and Dynastars.

So much choice...
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