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 In Vermont?  
Elsewhere in the country?

I have yet to own a reasonably comfortable pair of boots so I am starting from scratch with new ones and would like it done as correctly as possible.


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well you haven't actually said where you are but i will take a stab at vermont...in which case you could try benny at innerboot works in stowe, Bill at green ,mountian orthotics at stratton , PJ Dewey at race stock sports (can't remember the town)

alternatively if you check the list at the top of the forum you will find some more good guys in other areas
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Travis, take a look at the links posted at the top of the forum.  There are FAQs for bootfitting, a Who is Who on the EpicSki panel, and that also includes a link to a thread with a listing of recommended bootfitters.  Since your question is of a general nature, rather than technical, I can move this to the gear discussion forum for member input if you wish.

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Thanks for the suggestions CEM.  I'll be home for Thanksgiving(VT) and may get it done there.  Ideally i would like to be near a mountain where i can ski with the alterations and then reevaluate, making more alterations that day if necessary, ect. until both the fitter and i am happy.  That time of year in VT i am going to be limited in skiing hard.

If i don't get it done while home i may make a vacation out of it somewhere out west.

Cirque, i'll check out the FAQs and the thread of recommended boot fitters.  Sounds like i should have investigated the site a little more prior to posting.  If you feel this thread would get better responses in the 'gear' discussion area it would be great if you could move it.  Thanks
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 Where is home in VT? Whatever the case, you probably won't be skiing this Thanksgiving.
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