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Best spray on/rub on waxes?

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Im looking for opinions on the best rub on or spray on waxes for either specific or all temps. I know hot waxing is better, but its much more convenient to just rub on some wax in a hotel room, instead of busting out the iron and making a mess...

Also, whats the best way to wax them?
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Generally, liquids/sprays and pastes/creams have been thought of as 'easy on and easy off' waxes that require little effort for OK to decent, shorter term performance as you realize. There are many options: Swix F4, Toko Express, Maplus Universal, Dominator Zoom, etc all have their fans. You can even apply (or reapply) them on the slope or in the parking lot.

Briko-Maplus' claim to fame is their ability to include higher melt/more durable wax in their solvent. With this higher grade wax in solution, their performance grade waxes can approach the durability of comparable hot waxes and exceed lower grade ones. By heating the wax with an iron the wax can exceed the durability of the same solid wax, while using less material, time, effort and creating little or no mess.

The downside of the liquids/sprays and paste/creams is the solvents (especially the liquids/sprays) used requiring excellent ventilation and are not allowed on planes. If traveling by air, these can easily be shipped to your trip destination.

At the lower portion of this page are the Briko-Maplus liquid wax and spray wax application procedures that should generally work for other brands as well.

Here is the Toko Information Center library for more info.

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