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More Levi...

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...I'm just getting around to watching the Universal coverage (raw) of the Men's SL from Levi, and there's some incredible, fast skiing going on.  I'm just kind of spooling through the field and noting the racers who catch my eye, for whatever reason...just a kind of cool look and feel to what they're doing:

- Trevor White.  Never heard of the guy before, I just like the way he stands on his skis, very quiet and well balanced.  The steep didn't jack him around very much.

- I thought Bode looked good, solid, quick, but not electrifyingly fast as he sometimes can be out of the start.  That'll come, I believe. 

- Axel Baeck, yet another Smilin' Swede who really sticks his nose in it.  He looks like a heat seeking missle when it comes to the fall line.  Where do they keep finding these guys?

- Mitja Valencic. Again, I think his stance is superb, which is why the steep didn't trouble him much. 

- Michael Janyk.  Good, solid skiing, strong tactics.  There was a left footer about 3 down from the top of the pitch that a bunch of other racers butchered; I thought Janyk skied it perfectly and was able to carry his speed much better through the next section. 

- Marc Gini.  Incredible foot-to-foot quickness on the flats, very intelligent turn shape on the steeps...and he looked like he was having fun, too!

- G. Razzou.  He's got very loose, powerful hips, and the move he's making with them gives him, I think, one of the smoothest, quickest transitions around.  Great skiing, until he went out. 

- Markus Larsson.  He's not as fast as he was a couple of years ago, and I can't quite figure out why.  Maybe a little too deliberate and heavy-footed on the steep.  I still think he's a great skier, though. 

- Lars Myhre.  He squashed a couple of turns on the steep, and that was it, at least for the win.  Really good skiing, though. 

- Marcel Hirscher.  My current favorite crazy man.  He did an incredible slash and burn number on the top, then hosed a turn on the steep, and that was it.  Exciting skiing, though. 

- Benni Raich.  Benni Boring but Solid.  He's got 5th place locked up every time, if he stands up.  At this point in his career, I think he needs another gear to win big again. 

- Manfred Pranger.  I thought he skied nicely within himself.  He's got the pedigree, and I think he's going to win again, and soon. 

- Rocca.  Who woulda thunk it?  Back again, and doing some good stuff.  Can he win again?  Don't bet against him...

- Ligety skied well, except for a bad patch on the steep where he lost his rhythm.  If he cleans that kind of stuff up, he can win, too. 

- Kostelic.  Another strong old guy with no knees left who can still get it.  This was pretty inspired skiing. 

- M. Hargin.  Yet another Swede.  The guy is so loose, he looks like he's on Nordic flat track skis, just swinging down the hill.  Definitely one to watch. 

- Herbst, as everyone has noted, skied very clean and smart for the win.  Not much else to say. 

- Grange made some uncharacteristic mistakes, but managed to recover without losing too much time to make the podium. He can do better, though. 

- Lizeroux, what an animal.  I really thought he had the win, but..that's ski racing.  A good effort, though...he really took it down the hill. 

- A. Myhrer.  He just got tight and choked.  See, they can do it, too.  Has all the tools to win, though. 

So that's what I saw...wuddia think?

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One thing that really stuck out to me was how low some of the French guys were clearing the gates.  Not Grange so much, but some of the other guys had really low arms & hands.

When it comes to Rocca, I'd a thunk it.  That guy is not done yet.  Pranger has changed his stance a lot.  If he keeps evolving, he has some podiums coming too.  Ligety is such a dynamic skier if he can keep it clean, he can win.  I think Herbst won it on the pitch.

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Ligety's getting to the point in his career where if he doesn't learn to polish the edges a bit he'll start being called a disappointment. Lots of talent and natural speed, but he can't ever seem to ski two clean runs.

Raich looks better in GS to me now than in slalom.

(Did anyone else notice that Killian Albrecht is back in the top 30 or so?)

I look at Grange and can't help but think he's the best slalom skier right now. He's got a gear the other guys don't have. I love the way Herbst skis, though.

Where did Lizeroux come from? He's made so much progress over the last year.

I frankly expected more of Hirscher by this point in his career. The Austrians seem to come up with a lot of prospects, but a lot of them don't really pan out. I wonder if they have to work so hard to get noticed in that system that it ultimately impedes their development. Granted, Hirscher is very young.

Nice career resurgence for Kostelic, though if I'm him, I don't get carried away with the whole Cup overall thing. It's not going to happen. Why not try and grab another slalom cup, try and win the Olympic slalom or combined?
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