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PSIA-e Race Clinics

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Granted I'd usually be the first one to joke that PSIA Race Clinic is an oxymoron, but hey, I've had some good experiences at the Stratton clinic in prior years, and it's the least painful way to fulfill my certification continuing education requirement, plus I know some of you have expressed interest before, so…

I see from this year's schedule (rec'd in the mail today; not yet on the website) that the Stratton clinic has been moved to Windham, for Dec 3-5 (plus two extra optional days). I've skied Windham before (having grown up in Binghamton), but do any Catskills regulars think Windham is going to have reliable snow that early in the season?

Also, any speculation from you PSIA-E insiders regarding the switch from Stratton to Windham?

Note that the only other PSIA race clinics this year are:
Labrador Jan 7-8 (makes my hometown hill of Greek Peak look big!)
Bristol Feb 4-6 (picked up a detachable quad recently, right?)
Huntah women-only Jan 28-29
(Hmm, all NY - what's up w/ that?)
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Can you give a little insight on what it's like at the clinic? I'm wondering if there is some way to do the clinic with kid racer (11 yr old) in tow........

There will be no living with him if I take off solo in December. Thought about taking my wife and the two can ski together but that hasn't worked too well in the past....
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Would be a little weird, but potentially managable. Having your son hang around inside during the lecture portion would probably be fine (especially since he could always stay outside and ski), but during the on-snow portion he'd either have to ski by himself, or hang around w/ the group, which would probably not be ok w/ PSIA. Also, some of the evening lectures go pretty late, so he would either have to hang around a deserted base lodge, or you'd have to be staying close by enough for him to return to your motel/hotel/etc.
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Those points are so well taken. Sometimes the kids tag along during the in-house clinics....... but that's kinda "family style"

Now I can look him in the eye and say that I asked.....

Thanks again......... yuki
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If temperatures are cold enough to make snow conditions should be good. I skied there the weekend after Thanksgiving last year and the trails that were open had good coverage. It all depends on the weather.
Wonder if the "Boss" will give me three days off?
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From Kim Seevers PSIA-E education director: "Stratton is charging a fee for use of the mountain that would have increased the cost significantly. Windham was very receptive with trail space and assistance and the director is both an examiner and race supporter." I would add that I am sure they will be reviewing the schedule and will try to bring another race event to the North East region.
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The psia race clinics have been run by Jim Cardenali the last few years. This year he is on his own and is holding the 3 or 5 day camps at the following locations: Stratton Dec. 3-7 ;Jimminy Peak Jan. 7-11; Windham, NY Feb 4-8; and West Mountain tba.

Peter Palmer will be involved and as I understand it at Stratton there will be snowboard racing also. These are the camps that people have come to expect from the last couple of years only they should be better this year. I don't know who will be running the psia ones. For more info, check out:
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