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CO trip in march

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I have a free airline ticket... Looking at a quick 3 day trip.  I have the opportunity for free lodging near Monarch ski area, or I was looking at some relatively inexpensive ski/lodging packages with Loveland (about $130 night which includes lift ticket).  This needs to be an inexpensive trip.

Monarch seems like a small mountain based on it's stats. No doubt Loveland is bigger.   Has anybody skied both places?  Would somebody from the east be happy in either place?  Or should I not be so cheap and pay to stay near Loveland?  I'm an intermediate skier who likes steep - groomed slopes (bumps or trees don't excite me).   
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Loveland's great, but since you've got only three days and free lodging I'd say keep it simple, go to Monarch and enjoy it.  Don't know where you're coming from, but you could do a lot worse cruising low-crowd groomers (and maybe more) at Monarch in excellent March conditions.

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I have not skied Monarch but Loveland would seem to satisfy what you are looking for.  ABasin and Keystone are also close to Loveland.  I have skied those many times.  Not sure if your free lodging is tied to Monarch but Dillon and Silverthorne also have reasonable lodging.  The Luxury Inn is usually about $70/night.

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 I haven't skied Loveland, but have Monarch many times.  Monarch has some really advanced terrain and some fantastic hike to expert terrain.  They often get huge dumps of snow when the front range resorts just get a few inches.

On the downside, it is small in both area and vertical and their intermediate cruiser type of terrain is limited, so I wouldn't want to plan a week there, but for two or three days, especially if they have good snow, it is a great value and a lot of fun.
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Thanks for the advice.  I think I'm going to try Loveland.  I got to ski one day this spring (in May no less) at A-basin. It was incredible.  Loveland was closed at that point.   It was my first taste of CO skiing.  Given that Loveland has more verticle, closer to the airport, etc... that will be my choice.   It might be more crowded, but as one post said I could do a lot worse...
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