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ski - which size / type?

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Hello all, I have a few questions for you:

I have an  «advanced» level. I have been skiing for more than 10 years now, I am going on all type of terrain [70% slopes - 30% hors-piste]

I am 5'6'' / ~ 145lbs,

I really like the K2 Lotta Luv (2010) but hesitate regarding the size I should take. Some people advise me to take the 163 so it would be easier to turn in the forest; others tell me to take the 170 as it's more stable..

I would like to know your diffepoint of vues, would you recommend me some other brand / type?

Thanks in advance
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Obviously not a powder ski, I don't see any reason for it having to be longer than you.  Take the 163, you won't notice a stability difference, and it sucks getting overly long ski's stuck between trees if you try the glades.

They look like a good pair though, but they are frontside ski's so that just about says it all.  Might want to demo an all-mountain pair if you're not looking at a fattie/Big Mo' also.
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The Lotta is a very good starting point for a skier looking for an all mountain ski. It shares the characteristics of all other K2 models in that it is smooth, damp, and very quiet on the snow. The strengths of the Lotta are that it is easy to ski, and very good on soft groomers and in shallow powder or crud. Despite the fairly soft flex, it is stable enough for most skiers of your ability level. The weaknesses of the Lotta are that is challenged by really hard snow and it is not terribly energetic feeling. I have to say however, that the new (2010) version is a bit better in the energy department than in the past.

So....in a nutshell, it is an easygoing ski with a good mix of capabilities for most western skiers. It is not especially exciting but that may be OK for you.

If you wanted something in the same general category with a little more energy, you could consider the Dynastar Eden. It is a little wider than the Lotta but shares roughly similar terrain capabilities however the Eden is better on harder snow. As with most higher level skis, it will require a little more attention on your part. It will reward you for that attention with a more energetic feel which may or may not be what you are looking for.

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What are you skiing now?  My wife is close to your profile and skied 190 Rossi 7S skis prior to buying a pair of one of the Luv skis (can't remember which one but I know it's not Phat Luv).  She went with the 163 and was very nervous about the short length but turns out she loves them.  FYI, she's skied down waist deep powder in Lech, Austria with them as smooth as can be.  She's old school when it comes to skis.
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I am skiing in the North Lake Tahoe area now [Squaw, Northstar, Homewood]. So there will be «on-piste» and «forest» and hopefully a lot of snow...
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