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Trash Can Turkey, anybody tried this?

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Trash Can Turkey
Before you laugh, just think about the last time that you ate a good turkey! There is something very important to remember... YOU CAN'T COOK VERY GOOD! Your turkey is DRY, Your Turkey is UGLY! Follow my tips and you will have the prettiest and juiciest turkey on the block! The best part It only takes ONE HOUR to cook a 12 lb turkey!!

What you need:

1 Roll of aluminum foil
1 Shovel
1 Pair of Heavy Gloves
1 24 inch wood 2x2 post
1 Bag of charcoal (15-20 lbs will be plenty) We recommend Matchlight
1 Turkey (any size)
1 NEW metal trash can. Can MUST BE NEW!

Step 1 Prepare your turkey. Remove from package, take out giblets. Rub down with vegetable oil, add some seasoning. I just used a little salt and pepper.

Then go outside!! The first thing you need to do outside is to bury your post about 6 inches deep in the ground. Then cover it with foil then cover the ground for about 2-3 feet around your post with foil.

Then get another patch of foil and start some coal burning

After your fire has started place your turkey on the post legs down

Place your Trash can down over the turkey, be sure to center the can over the turkey.

Shovel burning coals around the outside of the trash can, pile it up around the entire base and 1-2 inches over the lip

Then cover the Bottom (top) of the can with hot coals

Leave the can to cook it should look something like this. (see cooking times below)

Then when it's time with Heavy gloves grab and lift your can. The Can will be VERY VERY Hot, PLEASE be careful.

Oh my god! Look at that turkey! This is the prettiest and juiciest Turkey you have ever tried!

Carefully remove with large fork or something and enjoy.


Cooking Times:

10 lbs 50 mins
12 lbs 1hr
14 lbs 1hr 25mins
16 lbs 1hr 40mins
18 lbs 2hrs 5 mins
20 lbs 2hrs 15mins
22 lbs 2hrs 25 mins

We have noticed a different taste of the turkey when cooked over different types of grass!

ALL are still very good, but we have tried St. Augustine, spider grass, and Bahia

If you would like to try a different flavor then you have had in the past why not visit a local home center (like home depot and pick up a different type of grass than you have in your yard. Place a few pieces of Sod around the post and give it a whirl! This SHOULD also save YOUR grass from a nice burn mark that WILL be left from this cooking!

I haven't tried this but know someone else that does it every year.  Can alloy fumes from a trash can taint a turkey?  Might it be a tad safer than deep frying a frozen turkey???

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We've been cooking our turkeys that way for several years now. Half the cooking time and very juicey. Thanksgiving dinner no doubt will be done by my Wife in the back yard in a garbage can.

Caution though. Do not use a new can because the galvanizing on the can can make you very sick as well as leave a very nasty taste   to your turkey. Burn the can a few times on a wood fire first. It's better off a little rusty. Seriously, don't use a new can.
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Wow! That's pretty neat and looks like fun Good tip on the zinc galvanizing issue.
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