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7.6's VS Cronuses

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Im 14 years old, 5'6" 120 pounds and a cusp 8/9 level skiier. I ski 30 days a year, mostly in the east but 10 of which out west. I am looking for an all mountain ski and after thorough research have come up with two. These skis have been described both as great values and all mountain skis for everything from pow to crud:

2010 Blizzard 7.6 IQ Max: Pros: skinnier waist (74mm) for eastern skiing. Ski magazines best ski of the year. A newer ski. 

2009 Blizzard Titan Cronus: Pros: fatter waste for powder (88mm) skiing. Cooler graphics. Better price. 

Let me know please. 

Thanks a lot.
P.S. any thoughts on what seems like Blizzards sudden rise to prominence??
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 Welcome to Epicski...........Again.....

A few things come to mind in response to your question.

Hope this helps
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