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Flex basics

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In practical terms, what will I find on the mountain with a boot that is "too stiff", and a boot that is "too flexible".   I have skiid the last 25 years on 2 pairs of boots and I never really thought about whether the boot was stiff or soft. 

Now that I am faced with spending $500 or so on a new boot, I am all concerned about getting the "right" flex.  And I am not sure what that means to my skiing.  Obviously I am over analyzing the whole thing...  But I am curious. 

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My take on it:  get a boot a bit stiffer then usual, as you can make a stiff boot softer, and not a soft boot stiffer.

feel:   do you ride a mnt bike or motor cycle at all?   too stiff = harsh feel and no ability to react to bumps, terrain, etc.   All the motion is re-active and not pro-active.

Too soft and you are bottoming it out, and cant steer.

I'm sure someone more in touch with hard snow performance will have some better ideas, and descriptions.
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