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Old Skis: time for new ones? Atomic SX:8

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I am a retired racer, I raced in High School and I am trying to just get into the free-ski stage of my career. I have a pair of Atomic Supercross SX-8 I think, they are 168cm and I am 6' 170, and they fit me and my style pretty well. I have taken very good care of them, since I have purchased them on ebay. I think that they came out in 2001, or something, because I forgot all of the specs to them, and with hours of searching on the internet I havn't found any information on them. I was wondering if anyone had them still, and if they still kick it with them. I ski in New York, and Vermont, and I would say about 80 percent of my skiing time is Piste, but I thuroughly enjoy the powder skiing, and I am trying to get out west and into the powder again. Pretty much, what I am asking is which type of ski is this, with its Piste/Powder ratio, and/or anywhere where I can find some information about these skis.

I have been looking into new skis, and they have gotten so expensive, I go to school in Ohio and I can't get any good skiing, so I only ski back home during breaks, and can't really buy expensive skis, but I would like to say I am an advanced skiier, because if you can ski the east you can ski anywhere :)
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You've left it pretty wide open on what your you're looking for but I'll giv'r a go.

If you want to stay with Atomic... the Nomad Crimson is a great all-mountain ski that's wider under the foot (benefit- stability in pow and the chopped up snow conditions) with still a lot of side cut (benefit- better edge grip for carving turns).  I would define it as the typical east coast all mountain ride.

Staying closer to the on piste skis... the Rossignol Avenger 82 is another great option for 60/40 (piste/powder) skiing.  A little stiffer than the Atomic but making it better for the Vermont/NY ice. Stiffer skis are a little tougher to manage in the deeper soft stuff.

If you can't buy expensive skis...try leasing some... visit our website marked below...we may have something that fits your budget
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Thanks for the input, I will definately look throught your website to figure out what I can afford. I like the idea of buying used from a dealer. good looks on the website, Favorited
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