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Pro Ski Simulator Wholesale Price for EpicSki Supporters  

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EpicSki is bringing you more value for your supporter subscription.  Supporters: can  purchase the new Pro Ski Simulator at the wholesale price!  This is a special price offer normally extended to ski pros and pro-form buyers.

Here's how it works: 
Subscribe to be an EpicSki Supporter.  Then navigate to the EpicSki Supporter Lounge and click on the deal for Pro Ski Simulator at wholesale price.  Redeem discount code at SkiForm.com

Retail pricing is at least $280 and up to $400 higher than the discounted club price available to our Supporters (depending on the retail location and their pricing where the comparison is made).  Get more for your money and subscribe as a supporter today.

How do the most accompished skiers in the world develop and maintain their strength, coordination and overall conditioning?  As the great Phil Mahre once put it, "The best exercise for skiing...is skiing!"

So, if you didn't grow up literally at the base of the ski hill, like the Mahre twins did, but feel that you need an added edge, whether for racing, aggressive mogul skiing, powder and heli-skiing or even just recreational skiing, then you need to incorporate regular excercise that actually simulates the full range and motions of skiing.

Why simulation?
As with most sports, we generally feel a sense of clumsy awkwardness when first learning to ski (or even at the beginning of the season, when our skis seem to have a mind of their own!).  At that point in time, our bodies have not yet developed what physiologists call "muscle memory".  Muscle memory is a physical process akin to spinal memory, where our body can become literally "programmed" to respond in a specific, fluid and coordinated way over time.  Repetition is the key!  By simulating the angles, motions and forces of skiing, your body is able to respond in real situations in a way that can seem almost miraculous.  The PROSKI-SIMULATOR™ is the tool that can provide the best ski simulation that is possible, without actually being on the snow!

We are the Exclusive North American Wholesale Distributor for the PROSKI-SIMULATOR™!  This is equipment that was developed in Europe, is built in Europe and has been widely used by European ski teams and recreational skiers and snowboarders for years.  Unlike other ski simulators, the PROSKI-SIMULATOR™ is fully equipped, without the need to purchase additional stabilizer bars or add-on's separately.  The PROSKI-SIMULATOR™ is a ski training tool that can be used right away by the entire family after reviewing the product orientation.

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Nice rig. Looks like a good aerobic work out. Anyone one with any "feet-on" experience?
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Looks like an exact copy of the Skier's Edge with a slight difference in the configuration of the elastic straps that control the footbed.  If it works as well as the Skier's Edge does, then it would give a very good aerobic work out.  At least that's been my experience with the Skier's Edge.  I was pleasantly surprised to discover just how much of a workout one could get on the machine.

Do wonder how they can sell it here in the states with out violating patents or other copyrights from Skier's Edge.  It is remarkable how much they look alike.
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There are similarities, but I haven't seen both of them up close to really tell.

Skier's Edge loos to have less rounded tracks and fixed foot-piece with changeable platforms.  User uses poles for stability.

The size and height of the Pro Ski Simulator seems to be much larger, and it is mounted on wheels with a permanent stability rail.  I don't know if it is free-rolling or has belts like the Skier's Edge.  I'll have to try to get someone from SkiForm to reply.

Or maybe...seems like the only way to solve this is for them to send me a free demo unit.
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I'll have one in a few weeks and will post my first impressions by mid December.

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is there any way to find out prices of these things other than to order one?
The web sites doesn't seem to give you option to price it out... :(
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The Skier's Edge can be ordered with the same hand rail as shown in Pro Ski.  SE also can be ordered in different sizes that will determine the height or steepness of the rails.  The original SE has tubular rails and a carriage that rides on top.  They have a new version that looks like the Pro Ski - an indented rail that holds an inline skate-type wheel.  From what I can see on the video here, the Pro Ski lacks a number of adjustments that are part of the carriage on the SE.  Can't see if you can vary the resistance on the elastic bands that control the Pro Ski, but if they are really using them for physical therapy, then I would guess they must have some way to control resistance (wouldn't be a very good tool for PT work, if you can't change the amount of resistance).

The prices I saw for the Pro Ski were several hundred $$ less than the base model of the Skier's Edge.

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The retail pricing that most shops are selling the simulator at ranges between about $1,400 and $1,600.   Even the “buy direct” pricing available to the public (only those without a retailer in their region) is just a bit below the retail price.  Buying direct at wholesale, supporters should expect to save is significant vs what is available to the public
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Is the discount still available for member of Epicski.com??

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The username and password posted in the Epicski Supporter Forum still provides access to Team Sales and a wholesale price.  I just tested the account, and it is still active.


Considering our snow situation, this could be the closest thing to skiing we will get for a while.

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I can verify the epic ski deal is still working... saved me $200 on the basic model!  I'm still waiting for delivery... anyone who has ordered one before know how long I can expect to wait?  Also, if anyone out there has any advice for how best to use this thing that would be great... for example, I hear some people wear their boots... any other similar tips would be appreciated.



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Hello, I'm new to the forum, but I noticed you had purchased a pro ski simulator. How do you like it and was it worth the effort and money.

Let me know your thoughts...thanks.

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This offer originally posted in 2009 is no longer active, and the details have been removed in the Epicski Supporter Lounge.


Epicski no longer sells supporter subscriptions, instead, access to the lounge is by becoming a Passholder.  This requires 50 feedback points.

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