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St. Moritz local knowledge

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I'm looking for local knowledge on skiing in St. Moritz. I'll be skiing there with a small group in mid-March, and I'll be the one who has to decide where we ski each day.  We'll be staying in Pontresina but have easy access to local buses to get around.  We're a strong, competent group of skiers who will ski hard all day and are experienced at skiing in Europe (just haven't skied in the Upper Engandine).   I'd appreciate advice on the best spots to ski, places to avoid (particularly bottlenecks going up the hill in the morning and getting off the hill in the afternoon), high traffic areas and low traffic areas, places to go in poor visibility/weather and places to avoid in poor visibility/weather.  Best on and off-hill lunch spots are very important.
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Not a local, but I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express... ;-)

OK, I was there a week, end of March.

Can't help on crowd control or bottleneck issue. It was so quiet at end of March, lines were non-existant.

On poor visibility days, Carvatsch is the best. It has quite a bit of skiing below the treeline. Avoid Legalb/Diavalezza unless you enjoy skiing in 6000' of white soup!

Unlike rest of Switzerland, Skiers in St Moritz tend to go "off-piste" quite readily, including in the trees. So you'll find a bit of competition for powder. Personally, I found Legalb/Diavalezza to my liking the most. As long as there's visibility, that is.

There're a couple of lovely "itinerary" that you shouldn't pass up. Just pick a clear day so you don't get lost. There're also several pretty obvious "side country" routes too. They're listed in their website. (I'm assuming you know about the different avi flag means...)

Lunch spot: You really don't have much choice at Legelb/Diavolezza except the base and peak restuarants. For Corvatsch, there's a spot way off the left side on the trail map. The food is great and reasonably priced. The view is what makes it great! For the most part, I found most of the on mountain food quite good. though cost varies. 
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