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"Manufacturer" required field" for a ski area?

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I added a ski area for Montana today (Blacktail) and it demanded a manufacturer.  Fine, I used the same name.  Then it didn't like that I used the same name as its name for both the manufacturer and the product name so I added "ski area" to the product name to make the fields different.  Anyway, when I went to look at the ski area in the list of Montana ski areas, now there is this "Manufacturer" check box on the left side for Blacktail.  I think others have had this problem as well, as I notice that if I go to the next higher directory, Rockies ski resorts, others are there as well:

Blacktail Mountain
Park City
Ski Resort

I tried to go into the source for the listing and blank this darn thing out, but it's not having any of that nonsense, it insists that I can't edit that.  It seems to me that "Manufacturer" shouldn't be a required field for that part of the Gear reviews.  

Also, how does one, for instance, change the capitalization for the Yellowstone Club?  That's another field it appears that you can't get to once it's set up. 
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Good questions. I have asked stins to check in.
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This is an issue we've been thinking about for a long time and one recently brought again to the forefront of our minds with the launch of the Industry Insiders program.  The "product addition" tool still has the manufacturer field left over from the legacy days before we ever had anything but "stuff you buy at a store" being added to sites on the platform.  Here's a bit of background in case you're curious about the genesis and how we're thinking about it.

When we first added resorts to EpicSki, we simply labeled all the resorts with "Ski Resort" as the manufacturer as a workaround.  Some resorts have management companies that manage multiple mountains like Vail Resort Management Company or Aspen Skiing Company and others are just single resorts with no larger affiliation.  But in either case, the manufacturer label doesn't really work.

With the Industry Insiders program launching, to give the resorts and management companies a place to showcase content, some of those "manufacturers" have changed which is why you're seeing the manufacturers listed on the side of the category page.

Long story short, there's no quick answer and each page added in the Gear, Resorts & More section has to have an affiliated "manufacturer" to operate properly.  However, the team is actively thinking about how to solve this problem in the long term.  Because as EpicSki grows, there may be interest in listing and reviewing rental shops, lodging, even bootfitters.  But none of those have "manufacturers" either.  And we definitely want it to make sense!

I'll keep you posted as we work on this issue.

In terms of changing the name of a gear or resort page, once the page is created, only a site admin can make changes to the name.  Feel free to suggest a change at any time!  We'll soon be adding a "report" button to these pages to submit name change suggestions, etc.

Let me know if you have any other questions.
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