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Best choice in Tahoe this weekend?

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I'm planning on taking my nephew up to Tahoe from the Bay Area to ski November 21. Any locals out there have any opinions as to what the best choice might be?
I know Squaw will open officially that day. Heavenly will be open. Boreal has been open. Mt. Rose is unofficially open. Not sure about some of the others.Of all and any of the choices (not just the ones mentioned), which would be my best bet for coverage and decent runs?
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 C'mon guys, one of you must have an opinion...
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Northstar is supposed to open, as well.

Right now it really depends on the weather and whether or not the proposed storm that's been hinted at coming in today and tomorrow hits and leaves behind any snow.

The best advice is to go to the resorts websites you listed above and look at what they have open.

Pretty much all of the resorts that are open have minimal terrain and what is open is a very minimal base of man-made snow.

Last time I looked the run open at Rose was a "Magic Carpet" run (i.e. really super dinky bunny hill). I've heard that Boreal has 2 lifts running, one for the park/terrain, the other from the top, but again it's primarily man-made WROD.

Kirkwood's site says they will open depending on how much, if any, snow falls during this upcoming storm.

The "best" option may very well be Mammoth, but that's a haul.

Again, you will probably be best served checking out Heavenly, Boreal, Rose, Squaw, and Northstar's websites to see exactly how much terrain will be open as all of those resorts will have pretty much the same amount of coverage, give or take (again depending on the storm and also how much they've made snow).
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What Dookey said - Check the websites on Friday night.  The areas will probably put something up if there is enough snow to open more terrain than has already been announced.

The storm is making it a little difficult to determine what Saturday will be like at the different areas.

That said -

If there is no wind on Saturday, I would look at Heavenly. But, any wind might an issue for the gondola.  It would suck to make the drive to find the area closed.  If Heavenly is open, it is planning on one long blue cruiser open.  It is not a bad run for a WROD.

After that, NorthStar since they are planning on running the Vista chair.    But, you can save yourself 30+ minutes driving each way by hitting Boreal.  Northstar may only have marginally better terrain open.  If NorthStar opens the Comstock chair, I'd go to NorthStar.

Squaw planning very limited terrain.  Hopefully the storm will change that for Sunday at least.

You may just want to decided on NorthLake and head up i80.  Call the snow reports on the way up in the morning to make the final decision.  

I'm taking my 7 yr old daughter up on Sunday and will not make a decision until Sat night once I hear some reports for Saturday.

have fun.
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 word on the street from SLT locals is that Heavenly was closed today due to wind (today was scheduled to be their opening).

in terms of wind hold situations, Northstar would be the best bet out of all the resorts planning to open (Heavenly, Squaw, Boreal).

it's looking like that's the option i'mma take, since i have a pass there and a place to crash in Truckee.
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It's dumpin' in Tahoe. Just started a couple hours ago. could open up your options.

wind is strong today, gusts are really moving the trees. no chairlift could run in this wind. it'll just accumulate today.
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