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Fix It or Start Over

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I posted information on my daughter's boots and her alignment issues in another thread. 

http://www.epicski.com/forum/newestpost/87958  The thread was started to discuss detecting alignment issues while skiing.

Short version is:
I bought her boots last year that still fit (she hasn't grown much), boot info below.  They will need work for her to keep using them.  The boots are fine, just don't meet her needs, mainly because of the cuff.  I think any boot for her is going to require some work but mostly things less noticable than the cuff alignment.  She isn't able to get forward in the boot because the cuff hits the top of the foot box when she flexes.

I can get her new boots new boots that have cuff adjustments for $175 (maybe even lower) and is a higher end boot and is a Jr race boot.

Is it worth it to bring her old boots to a bootfitter to make adjustments?  I'm guessing that the bootfitters time and correcting of the boots is going to cost close to what the new ones will, especially when you add the cost of a 2 hour drive each way, food and the like.

Or get the Rossi's and the shop can get them right or pretty close?  They do a bit of bootfitting and is the only shop in the areas still offering race equipment.

I believe I've over thought this and need to get back on track.

Below is just more detailed data of the above:
From my studying of late and my just enough to be dangerous knowledge, with recommendations from the above thread, I know something needs to be done.  What I know is:

Girl 11 y/o 72 # 4'6"  Decent skier (this will be her 5th year) and just started racing last year.  Going to a race camp in December for one week.

Current boots are Dalbello P4 size 22.5 flex is 40

Boots recommended by ski shop guru (not a bootfitter but has been working at the shop for 20 years or so) are Rossi Radical Jr 70.  Last years model and is why it is on sale.

Things I noticed on her:

With the liner removed and the footbed in the boot, her legs are touching/almost touching her boots on the medial side and there is probably an 1" or so gap on the lateral.  Her feet are FLAT.  All her joints hyper extend/flex

I went to a local shop tonight to talk to the person that I recently heard is a fairly decent bootfitter.  He wasn't there so I talked to the second in command (20 year guy) about going through the alignment process with the boots she had.  He didn't think correcting those boots was something that would be accomplished easily and pointed out that if I was going to do put that much into it, why not start with better boots that wouldn't require so much work.  They had Rossi Radical Jr 70 that have cuff adjusters.  It did look to be a better boot (taller, more forward lean, microadjust etc) and was on sale for what I think would be close to the money I would end up spending on bootfitting her old boots.
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I have not read the other posts:  I assume that she is using a suportive footbed?


and you have asked her coach if what you see in store, is what they see on snow?

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Her footbed is a green superfeet.


Right now, I'm the closest she has to a coach.  She is interested in joining the race team but isn't willing to commit to it yet.  Something to do with getting up too early "every" weekend on both days.


I don't care if she ever races anything more than NASTAR on the weekend (starts at the crack of 12:00). 


Guess I'm asking is if I'm going to make the investment, should I start with a better boot (I think it is) or can the P4 be turned into a better boot.


Some of this is just a business decision - which is the better value, but mostly I want what's better for her.  Normally I would wait until the ski season was actually under way and did some on mtn experimenting, but I want to have this straightened out by the first week of December for the race camp and nothing is open around here for skiing yet.




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sounds like she is still having fun, and the boot fits, just the upper cuff is a bit off.   I think that getting the cuff right would be nice, and better for performance, but sounds like SHE wants to just have fun, and I dont think that this is effecting her that much?

Let her ski them as is, see if a problem happens, and if it does solve it then...
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She is still having fun and I do want to keep it that way.  As soon as it isn't, she'll be gone. 

I'll probably have this discussion with her to see what she wants and take it from there.  If she doesn't care,  I'll leave it; if she does care, I'll go for the better boots.  She might find that better boots are more fun. 

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