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Flex question

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Trying to decide between the tecnica dragon 100, 120, or the nordica hotrod 125. 

Have tried so many boots on I can no longer think clearly!

I ski a bit of everything, cruisers, bumps, crud.   I am 5"10, 152#, and ski 15-20 days out west/year.  I have skied TNT explosions for the past 10 years. 

The hotrods (size UK 8) feel a little more secure in the midfoot and hindfoot, with a bit more toe room tha the others.  But, they feel stiff (with one plug out already).   I am afraid that in the cold, the hotrod 125 will be too stiff given that i only weight 155, even with the 2 plugs out.  Also concernd the dragon 120 may be too stiff - plus the tnt explosion was orange, which replaced my orange nordica rear entry - so I was hoping to get awy from orange boots.

The dragon 100 feels good as well, with perhaps a bit more room in the hindfoot (very little), and my toes touch the end in nuetral (my bootfitter assures me this will pack out).  

Plus, I will be adding a conformable custom insole.  

Any thoughts on the flex difference, especially given my relative light weight? 
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There are other ways to make that Nordica softer, other than removing the plugs/bolts. In any case I would not remove them both. Fles is something that is a hard call for us to make over the 'net. Some skiers, even light ones need a stiffer boot, it really has to do with factors other than height and weight. Fit is number one, get a boot that fits your foot properly and have it made a little softer by a bootfitter that knows what they are doing.
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Flex can be affected by your fore/aft position over the ski(if you COM is being held behind center), As Jdoyal said find a fitter and have your setup checked out.
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