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differences flex question

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I'm a 51 year old strong and aggressive skier and I weigh about 175.  My Falcon 110 ripped last year and I want to replace with the Salomon X3, but I'm having a bit of trouble deciding which one.  The X3 boot fits like a glove, like my old Falcons, perfect toe room, a little movement possible in the ankles, and very snug everywhere else.  The Falcon never needed any adjustment or boot fitting, but I found it to be a little soft when skiing GS or SL.  They were great for free skiing, bumps, powder, etc.

My dilemma is between the X3 10 CS, which has a flex of 120 or X3 RC CS, which has a flex of 130.  In the store, I don’t have difficulty flexing the XC RC.

In terms of skiing, I do about 30 % (or less) of the time on hard pack, and this is usually with my 184 Rossi Worldcup GS ski or a 165 Atomic SL 12 Race.  (usually when stuck at a hill where my kids are race training w/ manmade snow).

The other 70% of the time, I ski bumps, trees, steeps, or whatever I find off groomed.  I tend to ski fast and aggressively and the skis I use include Movement Thunders, Volkl Mantra and Movement Sluff – all fairly stiff skis.

If I was just skiing hard pack, the decision would be easy – the XC RC, but with the areas that I prefer, I’m wondering if the XC 10 would be a better compromise.

Your thoughts would be most appreciated.

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THis is really difficult to answer because flex really is an individual thing.   Last year skiing Big Sky in April with ESA nearly all coaches were in 130 or 150s.  It snowed for four days straight and we are skiing lots of powder and big bumps.  One of the fit guys on this forum skis a touring boot for all mountain.  Personally I would say try the stiffer and see what you think.

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you can always make a stiff boot softer.   Go big, and cut shell as you need to later.
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Thanks for the advice!!
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Skied the XC RS this morning.  The fit was close to perfect.  Didn't have any concerns about the stiffer flex - good advice from Lou & Mntion - thanks.  Conditions were quite variable - wind affected pow, soft knee deep pow, soft bumps, some chop, a touch of icy hardpack, and a little groomed.  My concern had been the impact of the greater flex on all mtn skiing. (e.g. bumps).  Didn't have any difficulty on this (although everything was soft).  What I did notice was greater power when I wanted, better ability to drive the skis and greater control in the chop.  I am really looking forward to using these boot with GS and/or SL skis on hardpack - that is where these boots will shine.

Was skiing a 187 Movement Source today - playful yet powerful ski !

Thanks again

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