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Activity feed malfunctioning

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 the activity feed is not showing new posts and is not in great chronological order.  Something is wrong.

There are threads showing below in Recent Discussions that are not showing in the activity feed.
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8:30 EST and the Activity Feed shows the same as it did an hour ago, most recent post at 7:33

Mac Leopard Safari
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Well the old "All New Posts" is fortunately working just fine.  I went to the Beta thing after I saw your post and I noticed that the link for Return to Classic wasn't working either.  Fortunately All New Posts took me back...
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 Right.  I've been using the Activity Feed for a while now and really like it.  Only issue is sometimes the "more" button causes the spinner to just spin and spin, but I've found that clicking on it again makes it load more posts.
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I noticed that this afternoon too. Thanks for the heads up, SMJ.
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I'm also seeing some wonky behavior (new things not always showing up, list not in strict chronological order).
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Activity feed is not working for me either.

Newly subscribed (last one to two days) threads don't appear when I have selected subscriptions only. I subscribe both by posting and by clicking the subscribe button.

Vista SP2 IE 8
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Dev team, are you working on this?

I'm not even trying it anymore and I had come to rely on it.  It's useless now and I'm forced to use the old "new posts" page which I don't like as much.  You created this cool thing, got some of us hooked on it, now after days of saying it's broken we haven't heard anything from you about it.
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I just changed Site Skin to the EpicSki Classic and my activity feed is working properly. Coincidence? Did Dev Team just update the site or is EpicSki Classic working and EpicSki Blue and White broken?
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Nope, it isn't the Site Skin as I changed it back and it is working as desired; my subscriptions are showing accurately, not just old ones. Could it be a caching problem? I did clear my cache (delete history and temporary internet files) with IE 8 earlier today but was still having the problem.

One thing that I did change when I first changed my Site Skin a minute ago was my email preference. I had it set to daily digest (of which I never got any) and I switched it to none.

Funny connections or wierd coincidences?

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Nope MR, not the email setting, it seems to be working properly for me as well.  Either they pushed a new version and didn't say anything or it's an intermittent problem.   I'll go back to using it and see if it holds.
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 I wish Mark Forums Read worked like it did on the old page though, where the bold goes away instantly when you click on it (and in the Recent Activity display the red numbers in boxes would have to go away as well.)
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Apologies for the tardy reply and for the bug!  The engineering team is already looking into the issue.  I'll keep you posted when I know more.
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The issue with the feed should now be fixed.  Let me know if you see it again!
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