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Ski Tips For The Ex-Expert?

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OK, I’m going to go out on a limb here. I’m not an instructor, and I haven’t even played one on TV. But, I’ve skied for 40+ years. And I’ve been pretty darn good at it for about the last 35 or so. I made this list of tips to help me transition to so-called modern technique on modern equipment. I really would graciously accept some feedback about the veracity of my hypotheses:

* Feet athletically hip-width apart.
* Upper body facing downhill, but more square to skis (subtle countering).
* Weight distributed more equally on both skis.
* Weight centered to slightly forward.
* Hands forward.
* Gradually minimize unweighting to initiate turns.
* Instead, just gently unpressure the ski, tip the old outside foot downhill and set the new outside ski on edge.
* Initiate turns by falling down the hill, but don’t over-anticipate with the upper body.
* Let the skis follow your body around the turn.
* Ski with your feet and knees - keep your body quiet (stay centered).
* Start the carve as early in the turn as possible.
* Let your body move away from the skis.
* Left-Tip-Left/Right-Tip-Right (Thanks Rusty G. & Bob B.)

OK, take your best shot (but please be gentle - I do have an ego after all)!
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I'd call it reminders for a rejuvenating "expert", eh?

*Feet athletically separated.
*Upper body square to skis but hedging toward the intended path.
*Weight distributed more equally on the skis.
*Weight centered with shins contacting boot cuffs, pressures felt on instep and its equilavent for the inside foot.
*Hands forward, elbows ahead of and closer to rib cage.
*Eliminate unweighting to initiate turns.
*Instead, equalize weight between turns with boot shafts perpendicular to the slope, roll onto new edges and steer.
*Let the skis take a longer path than the body.
*Ski with your feet and knees; keep the body relaxed.
*Start the carve at initiation.
*Let your skis move away from your body.
*Left Tip Left/Right Tip Right (but not simultaneously!!!)
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"Left Tip Left/Right Tip Right (BUT NOT SIMULTANEOUSLY!)"

A Ha - So THAT's my problem!
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You can do LTL/RTR at the same time if you're moving really slowly. I used to call it the Polish snowplow, but that was before I married a gal named Fleis who calls herself a French-Polock.
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