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WTB Saloman s914 or s912

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Looking for a pair of solly bindings to replace my s810's. I would really appreciate wide brakes > 90mm. Thanks for the help.
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Used, but in good shape S912 Poweraxe.  Can be mounted with or without the Poweraxe plates.  80mm brakes, but I can bend them to 90mm prior to ship if needed.  $80 shipped.


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Check EBay.  I think I saw a nice new 914 there today.
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do they have the same holee pattern as the s910s
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Originally Posted by aj5474 View Post

do they have the same holee pattern as the s910s

The 850s, 900s, 810s, 910s, 811s, 912s, 914s and 916s all have the same hole pattern.
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