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new ventures, help

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ok, here's where i am, and where i want to go.

i only have skied maybe 70 days in my life (i'm 25, and i started at 11). considering this, i'm actually a pretty accomplished skier (i also happen to be very accomplished at many dryland sports). for the most part, i can hold my own on civilian steeps (inbounds u.s. and canada) and in most snow conditions. i carve a mean turn on the groomed and even like a little speed.

i just got back from being in verbier for a week (i'm based in the uk). on the not steep as hell stuff, i actually held my own in the off piste, however, when it got gnarly and exposed, i froze.

knowing that i want to improve, but don't get a ton of skier days, what can i do? i'm certainly open to the idea of some of the week long skiing camps, and am interested in anyone elses experience with them.

on top of this, i want more knowledge about the off-piste (esp b/c that's where all the goods are in the alps). i'm tired of looking at a beautiful bowl and knowing that i have no business being over there b/c it would be at the edge of my ability and i wouldn't be able to accurately judge the snowpack.

any help greatly appreciated.

p.s. also, any tips that you guys have on making quicker turns, i'm all ears. i think the problem that i was having in the off piste was that i was waiting for my skis to "bottom out" before feeling confident enough to push into the next turn. problem is that when it's that steep, you can a shitload of speed in the meantime.
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since you are open to a week long camp, Check out www.allmountainskipros.com or www.extremelycanadian.com Both companies are geared to teaching intermediate/advanced skiers to move off piste. Also they both have scheduled camps at many resorts throughout US and Canada with trips to other locations throughout the world.

and practice, practice, practice. very slow speed turns on very easy slopes will greatly enhance that muscle memory so when you get in that steep stuff, your movement patterns and instincts will guide you better than the current learned defensive patterns you probably have from years of practicing them.
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