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boot fit basics

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I have a wide forefoot with a very narrow hidfoot.  I am looking at either a 2009 Nordica Supercharger Enforcer 100, which is tight in the forefoot, but feels snug in the heel versus the technica dragon 100, which feels better in the forefoot, but a bit looser in the heel.  I know the technica 120 has the option of shims in the liner along the achilles, but overall the boot felt too stiff.

Also, the Enforcer feel a bit stiffer, which I am not a huge fan of, but my boot fitter promises me that can be fixed. 

I am getting a custom liner as well once i decide on boots. 

Any thoughts?
Second Question - Are SIDAS comfomable custom insoles a quality product, as the shop does not use the superfeet product.
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better to make a small boot bigger, then a big boot smaller.   also you can make a stiff boot softer, not the other way.

sounds like the nordica ia better option for you.

sida is great, but the it is more the worker than the tool.
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What was the custom liner you were thinking of??
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I agree with mtnlion about the Conformable insole being a quality product, but like he said it is more the person making it. IMO I like weight bearing foot beds over the un-weighted/semi weighted.
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