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looking for new gloves

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Hello !

Since I've lost my old(and loved) gloves last ski trip... I'll must to buy  a new pair.

Not sure, but I think I will fly to DC, next Jan and will have 6 hours before next fly. So, I'm thinking in rent a car and  drive around, near Dulles, in order to make some shop. From Google it's easy to see they have several sports and ski places there(Sports Authority, Rey, etc).

Could anyone help me to chose a pair of gloves. I don't need durable and expansive ones, since I ski just few days each year. Oh yes, warmth is a must!

Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!!
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Well when buying any glove you want to make sure that it fits you well. If the glove is to big then your hands will be cold. If it is to small then your just not going to be comfortable and snow will probably get in your glove more often. A few good brands are Kombi, Spyder, and Gordini. Even though Spyder tends to be more expensive they make great stuff that will always keep you warm and dry.
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 If you want gloves that are warm, keep you dry, and are reasonably durable you might try looking at the Head gloves that are available at Costco.  I go through about 2 pair per year, but I ski 50 days.  They are about $20 per pair, but work very well.  They are Gore-Tex and very warm and comfortable, and I don't need to worry about losing them or damaging them because they are so inexpensive.
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  • Ski Chalet of Chantilly

    4130 Sullyfield Circle
    Chantilly, Virginia 20151
  • or
  • Alpine Ski Shop
  • 21999 Shaw Rd Sterling, VA 20164
  • Both are very close to Dulles...5 -10 minute drive
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Great information!!

I'll check it out.  Google Maps shows Ski Chalet and Costco at the same crossroad 28&50, just below the Dulles. And Chalet few miles north.

Thanks folks!
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I would go to Willi's ski shop in Fairfax if you want to go the Ski Shop route. Helpful and friendly staff. I prefer it to Ski Chalet which was bought out recently.

It's about 20 minutes from Dulles.
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Thanks JB!!

Absolutely, I'll go there! Quite closer to Dulles, 66X50. The place is just across other places I would to go in that region. 

BTW, last time there, looking for ski clothes at Sports Authority, a sir and his wife, told us about a big store and kindly guided us there, (I don't remember the name, I think is Burlingtons) There, on the second floor, we can found a large variety of all sort of clothes, If you can found for your size, with fantastic prices. Anyone know where burlingtons is??

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I like the Cabela's Pinnacle gloves.  There are two versions and mittens.  Priced at $60 - $70.  If you have very large hands they are available in 2XL size. 
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