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'09 Dynastar Contact 10 vs '09 Fischer Progressor 8+

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looking to replace my current '05 Dynastar Skicross 9 (178)... ski primarily groomers in Tahoe... I am 6'2", 210 lbs, solid intermediate (Level 7 I'd say)... looking for any information on how these two skis compare to one another (characteristics) and how they might compare to my current skis... I am looking at the Contact in a 172 and the 8+ in 170 length... I have skied on a friends '06 Fischer RX9 in 170 and thought they were much more fun to ski than my SC9's... any information on these two skis from those who have skied both much appreciated... thanks in advance.
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Haven't skied the 8 yet, but have used the Contact 10 in 172 off-and-on for two season. It is very stable in most conditions you will find inbounds, realtively easy to ski and forgiving. While some skis, like the 4x4, will want to be on edge and don't really shine at soft-edging, the 10 will pretty much do anything you want it to, even at walking speed. Being of similar stated ability levels, I can tell you that it won't overwhelm you on the groomers and you won't out-ski it in terms of speed or performance. It has enough high-end to be able to advance  without having to worry about it becoming obsolete after a while. It's probably a ski you can have around for a good number of seasons without outgrowing or becoming bored with -- unless you come accross a ski you like better. Since it seems like you don't swap gear every season or two,  I would say it would not be a bad choice.

Also, the 8 is getting real good reviews and I actually just ordered a pair. I really can't compare them but will say that Fischers have a unique feel to them that Dynastar does not. I know that's a generalization, but I have found Fischers in general to be very light,solid, and quick feeling, with lots of snow feel. Dynastar tends to be much more damp and solid feeling underfoot -- at least the ones I have tried.  If you want something real peppy you might try demoing the Fischer. The Contact 10 is fairly quick but has a unique and easy-going character to it. It was the ski I went to in the PM when I started to tire a bit.
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thanks for the info MM... the Contact 10 sounds like a ski I would like... I like the solid feel under foot in a ski... I do remember what a blast it was to ski on the 170 RX9... it seemed to rail the turns much more confidently than my SC9's... they were lighter feeling, but that didn't seem to bother me so much with all the fun I was having on them... I do remember having to pay a bit more attention midday when plowing through the sluff piles on the groomers as compared to the SC9's... I wish I was able to demo both skis, but find it hard to come across Fischers in my area or at the resorts in Tahoe... right now, I'm leaning toward the 8+ a bit based on my experience with the RX9's but it sounds like the Contact 10's wouldn't disappoint either... thanks again, and any further feedback appreciated... what about you Dawg, I know  you have skied the 8+ but don't know if you have skied the Contact 10...
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I went from Ski Cross 10's to Contact 10's.   I really liked the switch.  The Contact is much more nimbler ski.   Though I loved the SC 10's. the race roots definatly would become apparent after a few hours on the slopes.   They are a stiff, hard charging ski, but could handle any crud without worry.

The Contact's keep a similar sidecut without killing the thighs.   They will definatly not be as fast of a ski on hard groomers, but they were much more enjoyable for full a day on the slopes.  You will need to keep on your toes a little more in the slop, just because it is a slightly softer ski, but I have had mine in the quiver now for 2 seasons and enjoy them on boilerplate days and on the long groomers, which are the same runs I used my SC10's on.   As stated, my knees and thighs liked the change.

Something to note, with your Height and Weight, I would seriously consider looking at the ski in a 178.  Going from the SC10's to Contacts, I definatly felt like I overpowered the shorter ski, based on how I was used to skiing with the SC's.  If you have the chance to try both lenghts, definatly do it.  For Reference, I am 6' and 225
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Hey MM... please get back with your impressions of the 8+ after you get a chance to ski it, and how it compares to the Contact 10... thanks.
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I got the 172 cm '09 C-10 in the spring and have been using it as my front side ski in CO (which has been ever day I've been out this season and most days the end of last season).  I am 6' 3" 190 ~L8 and am happy with my purchase, but haven't compared it to a lot of other skis.  I mostly agree with the descriptions above.  I have skied it back to back with the 4x4 and found the 4x4 solider feeling when taking a straighter line, but the C-10 easier to bend into a more arced turn.  Had them in some small bumps at Breck about a week ago and liked they way they were able to navigate through them.

Look at some of Wildcat's reviews if you want to see a comparision by a bigger guy of the 172 vs 178. 
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