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MCL sprain

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Sprained MCL on the left knee 2.5 weeks ago (was playing soccer - my other passion - and did a very sudden hurdler's stretch on a full-speed run while the butt kept going forward, but the knee and the foot stayed).  Not sure what grade.  2.5 weeks later, can walk, can run (somewhat; still hurts when running; cannot kick the ball with the inside of the left foot yet).  Still hurts a little to put weight when the left leg is leaned inside.  How long does it typically take to heal enough to ski?  What do people usually do for this injury, other than rest?

Thank you,
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 Are you seeing an athletic or physical therapist  to help you through this? If not, I'd really recommend it.  When something gets injured often there are muscles that seize up to compensate - you want to address that.  You also may have some scar tissue that you want to have addressed as that can cause problems.  

They'll also give you some exercises.  I can't suggest specific exercises as it would really depend where you are at, but once you are out of the acute phase, strengthening is a good idea - but make sure everything you do is pain free.  

It would also be a good idea to find out if you have an underlying asymmetry that caused this.

Finally, there's a post-acl reconstruction return to play protocol called the Hop, Stop and Leap test.  In my opinion this is a great tool for anyone to determine whether their lower body strength and balance is adequate for sports performance.  You can find out more about it here:  www.athletebydesign.com/Research/HopStop/tabid/217/Default.aspx

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Thanks for the info.  Even though it is not ACL (MCL - Medial Collateral), I will check with my PT as soon as the pain goes away: if for nothing else, then just to measure my hopping and stopping, to see what I need to work on to strengthen it.  And I really like the exercises they give (went through 3 months for my ankle last year)

Thanks again,
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 Sounds good. I realize MCL is not ACL - thankfully as MCL heals much better!  But I really believe that the hop stop and leap test is a good one for anyone returning from a lower body injury - really it tells you if you have the power, if there's an asymmetry in power, and more importantly if you have the ability to decelerate that power.  If any of those are off, you should really consider working on the deficiency in the gym a bit before returning to the "open" environment that sports present.  

Good luck!

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