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Roger Pass (Italian question)

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Hi, I'm Jacopo from Italy...
This winter (March 2010), with two friends, I will visit Canada searching Big Powder.
Our intetion is take 2/3 days in Roger Pass for skitouring.
Often we use GPS tracks: could you help me to find it? Someone know particular website where I can download it?
Every suggestion about "best routes" are welcome!
Thanks a lot and sorry for my English.
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Here is a link with a map.  Rogers Pass is in Canada's Glacier National Park, which should not be confused with the Glacier National Park in the USA.


The Pass is on the Trans-Canadian Highway between Golden and Revelstoke, B.C.  There is one lodge at the top, which is right next to the government Avalanche Center.  You need a permit from the center to ski in the backcountry, but the center has maps and avalanche information, with a staff that will help you.  If you look on the internet there is lots of information on the area.
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