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meniscus and prolotherapy

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I torn the meniscus in my left knee this weekend.  Of course the surgeon says to arthroscopy it.  Some info on the internet says to prolotherapy because scoping will lead to arthritis and a weakened knee.  Anyone have info, experience, or know where I can get more info? 
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Not a doctor but have had the surgery, the non-medical answer is this. If the tear is large or in an area that catches and causes pain and disruption to normal function, usually surgery is the best option. You may even be have it repaired depending if it's a tear where there's blood flow to the tissue. If it's in the posterior (where it is most likely) there's no blood flow.  You could take the MRI to a PT specialist and discuss the options and the probability of recovery vs. funtionality. There is an increase in the chance of arthritis but it's not a definite thing. In the end, discuss with a surgeon who understands sports and skiing and get their opinion. Then do your researhc, 2nd opinion, etc. I can say that my knee is 100% healed in that area with no pain (in that area) after two years.
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I had the meniscus surgery about 6 years ago.  My knee was much better than it had been for years before the surgery.  Pre surgery I couldn't ski much more than a half day-likely had a partial teat for at least 5 years before it really tore.  After the surgery I could ski a full day, and play soccer without limping for several days after.
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hey skier,


did you had a large tear?



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