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Tele boots too big

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I got a good deal on a pair of Scarpa T4s a few years ago, and being not so boot savvy at the time I bought them a little big figuring I would grow into them.  Well of course I didn't and they are still a little big.  I primarily alpine ski, so I'm willing to live with my tele boots being a little large; however, if there is anything I can do to make them a bit more snug I would like to - is there?  I'm guessing sticking a thin piece of cardboard or something in-between the shell and liner is a bad idea?

Any advice appreciated, thanks.

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 It really depends on how oversized they are. We use shims (bontex) between the liner and the shell or under the footbed in the liner to reduce volume but the material is not cardboard because that absorbs water. Heel lifts will also tighten the boots but they can also change your fore-aft balance. The bottom line though is that there is no substitute for the correct size when it comes to skiing.
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are they too big in length?  width?  instep height?

what is the shell fit like?


20mm shell fit can be helped,  more then that, sell em and buy the right boot

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are they too big in length?  width?  instep height?

what is the shell fit like?

With liner removed, foot in shell and toes brushing the end, there is about three fingers' width from the back of my heel to the back of the shell.

My heel and ankle stay in place fairly well (could be a little more snug), but the boot is a little loose around the middle and ball of my foot.  The boot also seems to be a little long, as I can not touch the end of the boot with with my toes (even when I try to).

My feet are a little on the wide side.

Is there anything I can do to make them a bit more snug (for example around the ball of my foot) or should I just bring them into a shop?

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Purchase a zipfit pullover and it will work wonders.  I can send a pair down if you like.

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can you provide a conversion for fingues to mm?

three fingers' width can be many different things.

try the zip fit, but if that doesn;t do it for you, move on.
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5 to 5.5 mm

Will a zipfit work with a tele boot?  How much I'm I looking at for one?
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The pullover will work fine, no conversion necessary it is not a liner.  A pullover to tighten fit.  works like a charm.  Only $120 CDN.  Can have them to you for next week.  No duty.

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One thing which is over looked in fitting tele boots is the arch length of the foot. You want to make sure were your foot bends (ball area of foot) sits in the bellows of the boot (were the boot is designed to bend. Take liner out of shell and visually see were foot aligns in boot. Hope that helps........
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Alright, thanks for all the advice guys.

I'm going to see if the place I bought them from can do anything with shims and what not - if that doesn't do the trick I'll drop you a PM Lou.

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No problem, I'll be around.  But I'll tell you shims and what not won't do you know what.  Email me if you need help lou@lous.ca
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