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Introducing myself - moved to community announcements

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I am a 24 year old from Romania, and I have the degree and licence in law, specialised in the relations between State authorities and the big financial organisations such as EIB, BERD, WB, etc.
I have discovered skiing as a practicing sport this year, being encouraged by some friends to venture on a slope for a first time. ( JOKE: In fact they taught me the very basics so that i could almost stand on my skis on the slope, so they could have fun watching me yelling with horror and eventually hitting the snow from time to time )
Seriously , i am glad i did it because after a few tries i begun liking it a lot and i am more and more determined to learn real skiing in spite of the poor conditions given by time and space.
After a few confusing experineces given by sporadic lessons, now I am looking forward to the next winter, when I may try to find one or two weeks of vacation to go to one of my favourite resorts here in Romania and find a good ski school to start things properly.
It is obvious I intend to become just a decent amateur skier, just enough to enjoy skiing without any absurd claims.
I also hope to read here as many tips as i can find useful for beginners like myself , and I am anxious to talk to you all on any subject of mutual interest. [img]smile.gif[/img]
You may wonder how is the romanian mountain zone, and which are the condition for skiing here. Because of the poor economical situation of the country and also because the bad management of tourism, Romania is not known yet as a country with strong ski infrastructure.
Yet developements have been made, many of the slopes are now modern and fully equiped, after a period of decay, and the Carpathians still have a great potential for ski developement in the next years. There is a rumour that in 2 or three years you might hear of an Alpine Skiing World Cup Stage in Romania, at Sinaia.(They say they are working on that)

Looking forward to hear from you,

Daniel (Danone is a college nickname, from the famous yoghurt)

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OH, BY THE WAY,I FORGOT MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are already in the 26 here.
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Merry Christmas, Danone! Thanks for introducing yourself, and welcome again to EpicSki.

I spent Christmas Eve with a very good friend who lives near Boulder, Colorado, and who is from Timisoara, Romania. She came to the U.S. for school, leaving Romania just before the revolution--her mom and brother still live there. She earned her PhD in physics, and now works for a medical instrument company here in Colorado. She had a number of Romanian friends over last night as well, and a group of about 25 Romanians stopped in to sing Christmas carols. We had a great traditional Romanian meal. You Romanians do Christmas right!

Anyway, good luck with your skiing. Keep us posted with progress and questions.

Merry Christmas!
Bob Barnes

PS--Named after yogurt, eh? I take it you are quite "cultured...." [img]tongue.gif[/img]

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"cultured" jeeeezzzzz :
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You know what they say, Cera.

A pun is the lowest form of humour (unless you think of it first).

Well done Bob, I liked it.
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