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Taos Ski Week

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Has anyone done ski week at Taos?  Taos ski week for those of you not familiar is a deal where for six days you are paired with a group of skiiers of similar ability level for a two hour group lesson each morning, a group lunch and a group dinner.  I was looking over Taos' ski week deals for this coming season and for the month of January ski week is only $99 (lift tickets must be purchased separately).  Could anyone comment on the quality of lessons, group meals, etc?  I am considering checking this out with a group of friends as it seems like an incredible deal as far as cost per lesson hour goes.

Also, from other threads on Epic it seems that the best time snow wise to go to Taos is February-March.  Would you hesitate to book a ski week in January due to concern regarding snow conditions?

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I did it January this year and it was great. Two problems with doing it in January: 1) Less reliable snow conditions, but last December was really good and all the mountain was open by early January. That is not often the case, but being that this is an el nino year January conditions MAY be good. 2) A lot of people do the ski weeks in January because of the deal. This means bigger groups (mine was 7) than normal (which I heard is 4 or 5). But even with a 7-people group I learned a lot and made a great group of friends with whom I ended up skiing a lot during the season.

The bottom line is, how big is the ~$140 difference for you? If you are coming from IL that difference may be minimal compared to lift tickets and accommodations.

Either way, it is really worth it. Do it!
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My wife and I went 12 years ago (I free skied).  It seemed then like a great deal, and I base this upon her improvement.  It is a tough mountain for beginners, but they taught her the necessary skills to ski it.  The instruction seemed to be very good.  The food was also very good, as was the good times we had meeting other skiers.  They have had this program for a very long time and it seems to work well for many skiers.   I would give it a try. 
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The way to do it is to buy a Taos card ($35 I think if you buy before mid December).  This gets you $15 off each lift ticket, (i.e. paid for in 3 days and you don't have to screw around at the ticket line every day), plus 7th ticket free plus ski week anytime (except January) for $170 - i.e. a total saving for a ski week of $154 less the card cost -  more if you use it to get discounts on gear, rentals, meals, gear purchases etc.

I have not done the ski week, but I have done the locals clinic (which is the same basic deal except spread over 6 sunday afternoons, January to mid feb) for the last 3 years & will do it again this year - along with about 100+  other locals, so we clearly think it's worthwhile.  Can't comment on the group meals which we don't get in locals clinic.

Bottom line - the instruction will be great, the mountain is tough for beginners, but you are very likely to improve significantly (I have).  As for the date, I'm with Simonbda, go late Feb, snow in january will probably be OK, but it's much more likely to be good in late Feb & the extra $70 is worth it in insurance in my opinion.

(PS Simonbda - if you remember it dumped bigtime in early january and then didn't snow for 3 weeks - rare I know, but it did happen !)
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The ski week can really help your skiing and you can make some friends.  It is also a pretty good deal for lessons even if you don't go in January.  I think it has been helping me get over the plateau I've been at for the past 10 years.
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I skied with simonbda last season before and after his ski week and clearly saw his skiing very much improved.

I'm doing it this season but have yet to pick a week.
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Now, you've got me wanting to do it.
I would if I were ever there that long.  I go a couple weekends a year but haven't ever stayed that long.
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Originally Posted by catdaddyxx View Post

Now, you've got me wanting to do it.
I would if I were ever there that long.  I go a couple weekends a year but haven't ever stayed that long.
You can do the ski camps, then. I did both the moguls and steeps camps two seasons ago and definitely improved a lot.
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I'll have to hide that from my SO.  She's not going to like me knowing that.  LOL
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