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Long Distance Boot Fitting

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I am fortunate to live in Austin.  However, this blessing is really a curse when it comes to boot fitting.  There are 3 "ski shops" (i.e. Bike/Boat Shops) in town, and they are very limited in their selection of boots (Nordica, Tecnica, Salomom).

I began skiing (in the Rockies) at age 3 and unfortunately haven't skied in over 10 years!!  Long story.

Anyway, I am getting back and would like to have my own boots, since I have always had major issues with my feet.  I definitely see the value of using a proper boot fitter, however, my planned trip to Taos this winter doesn't really allow enough time to get fitted.  The only chance I might have to be out of town between now and then is Dallas, which I'm guessing is only marginally better.  Albuquerque is a possibility, but might be too much of a time crunch.

Is it possible to get fitted via a long distance relationship with a bootfitter?  I guess, would it be possible to get measurements of my feet, send pictures, etc. and at lest get a good idea of what boot I should be in and then get the fitting done when I get to the mountain?  I would obviously be willing to pay for this service and guidance if it makes any sense to do it this way.

I've tried quite a few boots here locally and the 1/3 of the guys who actually tried my foot in the shell thought the Nordica Hot Rod 75 was the best fitting shell (vs the Tecnica...not sure which one).

I tried the Impact 8 and it was a little tight in the forefoot, Tecnica Vento was edged out in comfort by a hair by the Mission 8, etc as a point of reference.  I realize that this is only a small part of the story.  I definitely want comfort, but don't want to sacrifice too much in way of performance.

I'm 37yo, 6'0", 185lbs, used to be a good skier but I've been out for too long.  I would like a good All-mountain boot that will provide comfort, but not leave me longing for more performance.

I have flat feet, skinny calves, and measure a mondo 26.5 with a D unweighted and E weighted width.  Any thoughts are much appreciated.

Thanks for listening!

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it should only take about 60 mintues to get a new boot for most people.  cal ahead, book a time, and buy that, ski it.

It wil be such a crap shoot, and take way more time over the phone/online.
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What kind of premium should I expect to pay for boots from an on-mountain boot fitter?  Obviously the expertise and service must come at a cost.
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most boot fitting stores just charge regualr retail.   and might have some of last years boots on sale too.

If you bring them in your boots, they will work on them and rates are $60-80/hour?    Odds are the boots you bring in will take more time to work on then ones that you buy form them, as they will not fit as nice right away (more work needed to start with)


So if you bring in boots (that you found on sale) it will will quickly eat thru any saving anyways.....

or you might get lucky and order the right boot the first time, and it will take no work at all......


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You might want to contact taoscowboy (must be too busy to post).  He is listed here Who is Who on Ask the Boot Guys
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