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"flintstone feet"

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I've had a lot of foot problems.  According to my foot doctor, I have "flintstone feet"... perfect for self propelling a prehistoric car.  My feet are short, wide, and relatively flat.

I'm 26, 5'7 and about 190 pounds.  Level 7 skier, been skiing about 12 years.  I wear a size 9 shoe.  My last pair of boots were Salomon performa 5.0s in a 27.0.  When I was skiing, and felt like I had my feet perfectly still and aligned, the tips of my skis (Volkl AC3) would wobble side to side.   So basically, my skis moved when my feet were relatively still.  I assumed this meant my boots were too loose, since the only "loose connection" between my legs and my skis is between my boots and feet. 

I went to the local ski shop (I live in North Carolina... not really known for our skiing) and was told that I had 2 problems.  one, my boots were too big, and two, my boots were crap and not stiff enough.  I bought some Dalbello Proton 8s in a size 26.0.  They were tight, but I was told they would pack out and I'd be fine.

2 seasons later (about 10-12 days of skiing each season... hey, it's a 4 hour drive to Wintergreen) they still hurt like crap.  When I take my liners out, and step barefooted into my shells with toes to the front, I get about 1/2-3/4 inch behind my heel.  When I put my foot in the middle, my pinky toe is so crushed that it's laying half under or over my 4th toe.  If I put my foot into just my liner, it's a very snug fit.

What can I do?  I can only take about 4-5 hours in my boots before I have to go in for a break... my feet just can't take it.   On 4-5 day ski trips with a bunch of high school kids, that's not good.  If I'm good on length, than my boots are the right size, right? 


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ok Jeremy, difficult to give you a full answer wihout seeing your feet, but it sounds as though the boot is the correct length for you but needs to be made wider... this may be a case of stretching he shell to make the boot physically wider or it may be something needs to be done to make the boot function wider (or stop your foot from spreading)

do you have a custom footbed of any sort? if so what type?  if there is only the stock insole in the boot then your foot will possibly spread out and become wider, a well made footbed can help to reduce this spread, only when this is done should you consider stretching the shell or grinding to create more space..... the fact that you can last 4-5 hours would suggest it can't be too far away.

get to a good bootfitter and all should be good

enjoy and good luck
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ya,  sounds like a footbed, thinner socks, and a small punch and you should be happy.

anyone in your area do boot fitting work?

this site has a list of some good guys to help you
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I don't have a good foot bed... I've been afraid to get one, since my foot already fits so snug inside my liner... I assumed I didn't have room for anything else.  I'm already wearing the thinnest sock I can find.
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you remove the stock/flat footbed and replace it with a suportive one.  Odds are the new one will be thinner anyways, and make your foot a bit smaller too.

try them in store and see how they feel to you....  If you like them great,  if not keep what you have (or use nothing at all)
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     As the other fellas' are saying the footbed will stop your foot from spreading out, will support your arch and spread load and are thinner than stock insoles under the toes. 

     I am near by and can address all the issues you have (stretch shells if necessary, fabricate footbeds etc.) , check fitter list at the top of "Ask the boot guy's".
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 Having flint-stone - feet you may also want to have the bootfitter check heel to instep ratio of your feet. That may help narrow down the need for more or less volume in your boot.
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