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Hi there!

I've just had the chance to buy a brand new pair of Rossis Radical RX World Cup (yes the "FIS" sticker ones!), 1m 86cm, at a great discount (40%). The reason is that I do GS training as the intention is to do a few masters races this year. I just love the rush of it, what can I say! I'm 33, probably too old for this level of enthusiasm but hey, that's me! I'm no Ted Ligety, but I have fun!

My question is, has anyone tried them, can anyone tell me anything about them? I know the basics from chatting with a skiing instructor friend of mine but I've always enjoyed reading the discussions here so I thought I'd ask you. My other choice was a pair of Atomic Race GS D2 EC/MAS.

I'm 1m 75cm and weigh 68-70kg.

My other skis are a great pair of Fischer RC4 World Cup, 1m 70cm. Fantastic!

Thanks a lot!