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pre-ESA VT ski advice?

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 We're hoping to do some skiing on the way to Stowe. We'll be in Hague, NY the previous Sunday and Monday, will leave Tuesday a.m. to visit friends in Middlebury (it looks like the Ticonderoga ferry will be running as a substitute for the Crown Point bridge) and hope to ski Wed and Thurs, so we'll need lodging Tuesday and Wednesday nite, and will arrive at Trapp's apres-ski on Thursday. So the most practical thing looks like K-Mart or Sugarbush. Haven't stayed overnite at either place for many years. Any ideas?  (cross-post)
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 I'd go to Okemo if you're that close to K-Mart.  There will be a few folks there who will also be doing ESA Stowe, like SkiNowWorkLater.
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 Okay, I'll take Okemo advice too.
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Both Okemo and kmart are south of Middlebury, and it's only a short drive over the gap to the Bush (or MRG if it gets good early).  Stowe or even Smuggs is an easy drive from Middlebury.  All those seem like better choices to me.

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I agree with Sugarbush.  Driving south seems like a waste.
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