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Pre ESA Stowe advice needed

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We're hoping to do some skiing on the way to Stowe. We'll be in Hague, NY the previous Sunday and Monday, will leave Tuesday a.m. to visit friends in Middlebury (it looks like the Ticonderoga ferry will be running as a substitute for the Crown Point bridge) and hope to ski Wed and Thurs, so we'll need lodging Tuesday and Wednesday nite, and will arrive at Trapp's apres-ski on Thursday. So the most practical thing looks like K-Mart or Sugarbush. Haven't stayed overnite at either place for many years. Any ideas?  
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Why not stay in Middlebury, if friends won't put you up  there are plenty of B&B'b plus a small Marriot hotel, drive down to Killington ( about 50 minute drive) Wed, ski , come back then ski Thurs at Sugarbush and head up to Stowe from there
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From Hague your pretty isolated, I grew up in Bolton Landing just down the lake.

I would drive to killington, if your looking for decent but inexpensive place we like the Happy Bear, old school motel on the kmart access rd or at the Inn at Long Trail at the top of the gap just past Pico. About a 1m screaming downhill to the kmart access rd. ILT has a fun bar. If it storms you'll be close.

Then just take Rt 100 north, about an hour, depends on traffic and road conditions, to the Bush. It's about 45min from the Bush to Stowe Village another 15/20 minutes to Stowe, the resort.

If the ferry thing doesn't work it would be about 2 hours from Hague to kmart via the Northway>Rt149 route with no road issues. To get updated road conditions in Vermont call 800-ICY-ROAD
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